Numerology and Your Personal Year

New Year's Goals

After 2016 many are hoping for a fresh start. 2017 in Numerology is a 1 year. The number 1 represents new beginnings and new opportunities. Numerology gives us the opportunity throughout our lives to begin anew. We enter 9 year cycles continuously both universally and in our personal lives.

In our 1 year, which we all share this year, we are encouraged to be bold, try new things, and go for our dreams with determination and focus.

Want to know where you are in your personal year cycle?

  • To begin, give a number to your birth month. For instance, my birth month is the number 10 or 1 when reduced or added together.  December would be 12, or 3 when reduced (1+2=3). Each month January through December is a number, 1-12.
  • Next, what is your birth day? Take that number and reduce it, for example 26 becomes an 8 (2+6=8).
  • Then add the current calendar year (2017: 2+1+7=1) to your birth month and your birth day.

I’ll use my birthday as an example. October 2 is 1+2+1=4. I am in a 4 personal year. Someone born on November 12 would be in a 6 personal year. (2+3+1=6).

Here are some associations for each personal year below.

1    New beginnings, courage, determination, focus

   Relationships, love, connections, cooperation, sensitivity, patience

   Personal expression, emotions, inspiration, optimism, creativity

4    Foundations, practicality, organizing, managing, stability, discipline

5    Change, freedom, travel, choices, flexibility, adventure

6    Nurturing, family, friends, community, responsibility, healing, teaching

7    Wisdom, research, spirituality, introspection, contemplation

8    Career, power, money, success, harvest, leadership

9    Humanitarian, endings, compassion, completion, transformation

What are your hopes and dreams for this upcoming year?
Your Personal Year can help you determine what opportunities or areas of focus might be important for you this year. Reflect on your life and see what might be arising, what needs attention, and what your heart and soul are calling out for.

Here’s an example of how meaningful our personal years can be. In 2005 my daughter was born, which was a 1 Personal Year for me. In 2023, she turns 18, which begins another 1 year for me. The year before, 2022, she will be 17, which will be a 9 year for me, signaling a time of endings and release in my life.

It’s fascinating how right on numerology can be and how much it can give perspective to what’s going on in our lives.


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