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I see, hear & feel the guidance of spirit guides and higher beings in the spiritual realm as well as the souls of your loved ones in the afterlife.

I am shown the gifts, talents and greater spiritual purpose of my clients' lives.

Testimonial of Biba Logan, Transformational Guide, Quantum Healing Hypnosis, Ireland


It is my intention that my readings, intuitive sessions and classes inspire and awaken you to the power of your own soul.


Life has a way of opening us up to our gifts and a greater understanding of our soul.


Often it is our greatest challenges that become both our teacher and the catalyst for our personal transformation and deeper purpose.


Listening to your deeper self and your heart is the foundation of expressing your true self, creative gifts and soul's purpose in this world.


When you connect to your soul, you feel more grounded, present, empowered, and confident in your purpose, your talents and in what you are here to do.


I've worked with artists, writers, holistic practitioners, health care workers, entrepreneurs, creatives and heart-centered souls from various professions.


What many of my clients share is a desire to make a difference with their gifts and talents. Many are healers, artists and teachers at heart.


Your intuition and guidance are one of your soul's greatest gifts to you.


When you partner with Spirit and your Soul, you are even more present to your purpose and even more inspired to share your soul's gifts with this world.


Offering your spiritual, healing and creative gifts takes courage. Taking the next step and using your gifts in your career takes even more courage.


Actively working with Spirit can help you become more consistent in your actions and more grounded in your confidence and belief in yourself.



I truly believe we do not "do" our purpose alone. We are helped by a team of guides, angels and higher beings in expressing our soul's purpose and gifts.


Our being, our energetic vibration must be tended to if we are to have the courage and belief it takes to stand out, make a difference and offer our heart-based work that is much needed at this time. 


I am based in Portland, Oregon and my readings can be done on Zoom or by phone. I have read for and worked with clients internationally.


☼ Spirit is not bound by physical location. My work is soul-based and the connections are made through the energy of spirit, which is felt through the heart and soul. ☼

Who Is Jeannette?

As a Spiritual Medium and Intuitive Guide, I connect to Spirit for guidance about your soul’s gifts, career, relationships, and other life concerns. As a medium, I connect to your loved ones in the afterlife and deliver their messages of love and healing to you.

As a Soul Purpose Guide, my connection to Spirit helps you connect to your own guidance so that you follow your true path and soul's calling.



My mediumship reading with Jeannette astounded me with its timeliness and specificity. I received from our time together a few of the great gifts of this work: confidence and motivation to go about my life in this world in an inspired and spiritual manner. In retrospect, I believe the accuracy Jeannette provided could only arrive through a spirit worker with her unique make-up; someone who is versatile in their sensitivity to the other world, clinical in their ethics approach, yet so completely down-to-earth and kind. Thanks Jeannette- I will always treasure this reading. It means so much.

Sean O'Connor, Fairfield, Iowa


I knew that I needed confidence and emotional strength, and after hearing Jeannette speak at an expo, her story touched my heart. I specifically chose her because of the appeal of her many intuitive gifts. Jeannette is a good listener who can with a few chosen words touch areas where I need to heal. I am so happy that I found a coach who can be part of my team for finding the path to wellness. Jeannette is a gift to the universe. 

Connie Hegey, El Cajon, CA


Jeannette, I want to thank you again for today’s reading. I have been reviewing and reviewing this information all day long. The revelations from Anne were such a blessing to me– she was always so sensitive and loving. You have given me a gift from the heart– a priceless treasure. Bless you and much love.  

J.J. ~ Portland, OR


I can’t thank you enough Jeannette. I woke up today feeling super excited and motivated for what has yet to unfold as I felt so much love and support from my Dad and Spirit Guides. Thank you for doing the work that you do to connect people. It’s an honorable and special quality that you hold and I admire your ability to share it with others.

Cynthia Balgatas, Bay Area, CA

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