Hello, I'm Jeannette

I connect to the spiritual realms to bring healing messages and insight about your soul's gifts. I help healers, creatives and the spiritually inclined connect to their higher guidance, clarify their unique purpose and develop their intuitive gifts.

Akashic Records Readings

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How I Can Support You

Soul Purpose Coaching guides you in developing your own intuitive abilities, clarifying your unique purpose and integrating your spiritual gifts into your life and career as a creative, healer or spiritual practitioner.

An Akashic Records Reading gives you guidance about your life questions from the records of your soul's history. You may ask about your soul's purpose, career, relationships, family dynamics, overcoming blocks, healing, spiritual growth, and development.

This is a channeled reading into your spiritual journey and soul's gifts as they relate to your life purpose, which may include your career. This reading is very thorough, covering many aspects of your purpose, spiritual unfoldment and how your gifts may be applied to your life in a fulfilling, joyful manner that influences career, relationships and overall well-being. 

An Intuitive Numerology Reading reveals the gifts inherent in your birth name and birthdate based on your Numerology Chart. These are significant to your soul purpose and your career path. Your Name and Birthdate are an energetic blueprint or soul signature of your unique gifts, talents and purpose in this lifetime.

Biba Logan is an artist, transformational guide and Quantum Healing Hypnosis practitioner in Ireland.


My mediumship reading with Jeannette astounded me with its timeliness and specificity. I received from our time together a few of the great gifts of this work: confidence and motivation to go about my life in this world in an inspired and spiritual manner. In retrospect, I believe the accuracy Jeannette provided could only arrive through a spirit worker with her unique make-up; someone who is versatile in their sensitivity to the other world, clinical in their ethics approach, yet so completely down-to-earth and kind. Thanks Jeannette- I will always treasure this reading. It means so much.

Sean O'Connor, Fairfield, Iowa


Jeannette’s ability to read the Akashic Records, exceeds anything I have experienced in my 20+ years of working with the “records”.  This is the most thorough reading I have ever experienced with the Akashic Records.  The reading itself covered material I had requested and then covered other topics that proved to be of great value to me as well. Jeannette brings forth a level of sensitivity and animation that makes the experience not only inspirational but a joy to experience. There is a thoroughness about the material covered that allows insight as well as understanding.  I left the reading very motivated and carried much anticipation about future readings with Jeannette.  I highly recommend working with this gifted medium.

Carolyn Muir, PhD.


Jeannette, I want to thank you again for today’s reading. I have been reviewing and reviewing this information all day long. The revelations from Anne were such a blessing to me– she was always so sensitive and loving. You have given me a gift from the heart– a priceless treasure. Bless you and much love.  

J.J. ~ Portland, OR


I can’t thank you enough Jeannette. I woke up today feeling super excited and motivated for what has yet to unfold as I felt so much love and support from my Dad and Spirit Guides. Thank you for doing the work that you do to connect people. It’s an honorable and special quality that you hold and I admire your ability to share it with others.

Cynthia Balgatas, Bay Area, CA

Does this resonate with you?


• You're seeking clarity about your purpose and how you may help others with your gifts.

• You want to stop doubting and questioning yourself so that you can help others with the dream inside of you.

• You may be feeling that there is something more for you to do and noticing feeling stuck, bored or curious about expanding your gifts.

• Perhaps you wonder if signs or messages you are getting are real and that you are being guided to awaken your spiritual gifts.

•You know deep down that there is more to this life than the physical.

• You know we are human beings who have a soul, a spirit and a deeper connection and purpose than what can be felt with our 5 senses alone.

And you sense that spiritual connection and guidance can help you.

• You may already be a holistic practitioner, healer, therapist, coach, intuitive, or medium and are either looking to start a spiritual business, or sense the unfoldment of a new direction in your work.

• You may be ready to develop your intuition even further so that you can use these natural abilities in your work as a healer, coach or in a spiritual business.

Connecting to your Spiritual Gifts helps you to:

• Hear and trust your own inner guidance

• Develop your intuitive abilities

• Feel more confident in sharing your gifts

• Overcome blocks to being more visible

• Feel supported in your life by your Spirit team

• Feel unconditionally loved and accepted

• Heal from feelings of unworthiness or feeling not "good enough"

Your gifts are meant to reach others & make a difference in their lives!

Spirit Helps You:

• Feel supported, grounded and empowered

• Trust your guidance and stop over-thinking

• Follow your heart

• Believe in yourself

• Value your skills, talents and abilities


Your soul helps you to
be your true self: joyful, creative,
and empowered so that:

• You share your gifts in a way that reflects your values and your worth.

• You are doing work you love and using your talents in a way that brings you joy and helps others.

• You can tap into your own spiritual connection anytime, anywhere.

Meet Jeannette

As a Soul Purpose Intuitive and Spiritual Coach, I connect to Spirit for guidance about your soul’s gifts, career, relationships, and life changes.

I can guide you connect to your own guidance so that you follow your true path and soul's calling.

If you are interested in a Reading, Coaching or Classes, you can email or reach me at 760-840-1664. I am based in Portland, Oregon and readings can be done on Zoom. I have read for and worked with clients internationally.

The readings are just as effective online as in person. 

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By submitting this form, you are consenting to receive emails from: Jeannette Hill, P.O. Box 898, Beaverton, OR, 97075, http://www.JeannetteHill.com. Your email is never shared and you can unsubscribe anytime using the SafeUnsubscribe® link, found at the bottom of every email. Emails are serviced by Constant Contact