Your Life Purpose and Your Dreams are Supported by Spirit






My work has always been about guiding people in times of transition and change.

Our future lies in our present moment choices and decisions we make, especially those concerning how we feel about ourselves and what we desire to make happen.


From the first professional reading I did in January 2004 until now, people have come to me wanting to know more about their life purpose, their future potentials and if their dreams and visions can be realized.


I’ve read for doctors, lawyers, police officers, therapists, teachers, coaches, entrepreneurs, health professionals, writers, artists, and many, many others.


Despite the differences in their careers, there remains a common theme I see in the readings I do.


People want to know if the dreams in their hearts are worth pursuing, if their dreams will come true and if there is more to their ideas than wishful thinking.


What stops people from taking those next steps or fully stepping into their potential is a fear of not being enough. I’ve come to see over the years that this fear is within a lot of us.


Taming the Fear


It’s what we do in response to this fear that shapes our path and our future.


The strongest response I’ve found is to go deeper than the fear to the center of our being, where we feel the connection to our higher self or soul. This is the part of us that is expansive, wise and unconditionally loving.


We are all invisibly tied to a Source which I call Spirit. Within us lies our true power, our connection to unconditional love, our knowingness that we are more than our fears and worries.


It is this trust and faith that has carried me through many difficult times and which continues to sustain and support me. It also is the reason I do this work and know that my intuitive abilities come from a higher source, who guides me as I deliver the messages from Spirit.


When we connect with ourselves at a soul level, we can hear not only our inner voice, but the voice of guides, angels and even loved ones in spirit.


There is a greater power that resides within us all. This power not only gives us life, but connects us to a universal power that can strengthen and unite.


It is my personal dream that more people awaken to who they are on a soul level.


The soul does not judge, separate, criticize or blame. It sees beyond race, skin color, gender, sexual orientation, income, ethnicity, or any other thing that identifies us outwardly.


It is my soul’s connection that enables me to communicate with guides and those in spirit as a messenger in the readings I do.


I know it is my purpose in this life to bring my soul’s guidance into the spiritual work I do and to assist others in their own soul connection.


Connect with Your Soul


One way to consciously connect with your soul is to sit in stillness, feel into the center of your being, and ask your soul to blend with you.


You will feel the power within your being and come to know your own soul through how you feel. Notice how your body feels as you make this connection.


Let your soul speak to you in the stillness. It has the answers to your questions and it sees you and your life from a much higher and larger perspective.


Here are some questions to guide you in your own soul connection.


  1. What life experiences have impacted me on a soul level?



  1. If I was with someone who was experiencing a difficult challenge, what would I say to them to let them know I have been there and that I hear them from my heart and soul?



  1. How would I like to share what I have learned or experienced in my own life to benefit another?


When we connect to another heart-to-heart, our soul rejoices. We’ve allowed more of ourselves to be seen and witnessed another in a way that expands us both.


My challenge to you is to begin honoring yourself and your dreams with the same love and care you would give to a friend.


Believe your dreams can become a reality and know that Spirit is with you, guiding and supporting you as you take your next steps.




Soul Intuitive & Spiritual Medium. Intuitive Soul, Mediumship and Intuitive Career Readings and Coaching. Helping healers and spiritual practitioners with purpose clarity and spiritual connection to build confidence and increase visibility. Based in Portland, OR.

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