Spirit Messages in Symbols

Beginning to look at your life and your world symbolically can help you with Spirit communication. By Spirit this could be your own soul, guides, intuition, or even loved ones in the afterlife.

Symbols are multi-layered, which is why it can be more meaningful to receive Spirit messages in symbols rather than in words.

Common symbols include birds, butterflies, numbers, songs, tv shows, books, and even famous people.

As a psychic and medium, Spirit often uses symbols to help me communicate with their loved ones.

A primary way Spirit gives you messages is through your own heart, mind and body.

You may sense the presence of a loved one or have a feeling of a divine love with you.

You may have goosebumps, a gut feeling or even hear your own thoughts as uplifting guidance.

Sometimes you may even hear a song in your head or smell a fragrance that reminds you of a loved one.

Color can be another way to receive a message. Colors show up in the aura with various meanings, including your soul’s gifts. Color can also reflect moods and bring healing energy.

Numbers are another common messages or sign from Spirit.

As a numerologist, I look at the meaning of numbers and how they can show the gifts, talents and purpose of my clients.

Often people see numbers repeat like, 444, 11:11, 333 among others. I see 444 as a sign that my angels are with me, 11:11 as a spiritual number indicating intuition, divine guidance, and higher guidance. 333 indicates creativity, inspiration, joy, and upfliftement.

Animals and nature are often a way we receive spiritual guidance. These type of symbols may show up in your dreams, on your walks, or even in your daily life.

For example, let’s say someone remembers that their loved one had a fondness for dolphins, and out of the blue, they see dolphins on their computer, in a tv show, or a magazine. It could be their loved one giving them a “hello” or a message to be playful and have more fun.

There are so many endless ways Spirit can communicate with us and help us be more in touch with ourselves, live more joyfully and let us know we are being supported on our path. šŸ¬


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