The Power of Your Story

Every life has a story, with highs, and lows, times of great joy and times of sorrow. It’s finding meaning in our stories that we discover our soul and our purpose.

There are clues to what we are here to do if we are willing to dig deeper, find our inner strength, let of our desire to control, and be willing to surrender to spiritual guidance.

Our struggles are for a greater purpose. When we build our inner strength, we touch the soul and the soul rewards us with a renewed sense of self.

When we are willing to love those parts of ourselves where we feel unloved, unworthy, or afraid, we find our way back to the light.

I often recognize an earlier version of myself in my clients. Like the time after the birth of my second child, when I found myself getting sick every six weeks and having stress-induced asthma for the first time in my life. I was exhausted and not getting enough sleep or rest. This went on for months.

I cried every time I watched a YouTube video of a young girl singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow. I knew I needed to change things.

I made it a regular practice to write positive affirmations about the changes I wanted to make in myself and in my life.

I felt the emotions of the traits I wanted to embody and started seeing my challenges as opportunities to grow.

A challenge is an opportunity to grow our soul. Even when we experience pain or heartache, when we allow ourselves to be fully present with our emotions and love ourselves through it, we grow. We can then feel compassion for another who is also struggling.

Once we have this awareness, we realize we are writing our own story. We are both author and character.

Here are some Reflections to help you see how your life story is shaping your purpose & spiritual growth.

  • What are the most memorable life-changing moments you’ve had, both good & difficult?
  •  What have you learned? How are you stronger? What can you do now that you couldn’t before?
  • If you could go back in time and mentor a younger you, what would you say to yourself then?
  • What emotions have you healed? What emotions have you strengthened for the better? Example: I healed my grief over the loss of someone close to me. I strengthened my passion for my purpose and for helping others.
  • When you someone shares their story, what stirs you? What do you wish you could help them with?
  • What do you do that reinforces what’s important to you?

The power of your life story reveals itself in your answers to these questions. Your life events and situations create the deeper purpose for your life.

As you reflect on these moments and how you’ve changed, you can begin to see the bullet points that highlight your path.

Any place that you’ve allowed yourself to go deeper, you have found your power.

One of my favorite memories of the birth of my son was when the doctor said to us that his hand reached for her hand, ready to come into the world.

In the months after his birth I changed the moment I decided to surrender. I had to let go of beliefs that held me back and begin to appreciate myself and my potential to create anew.

Our thoughts and the stories we tell ourselves about our life can lift or burden us.

Each time we choose compassion, understanding and love, we expand our purpose and our power.


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