Trusting Inner Guidance


One question I am asked again and again is how to trust one’s inner guidance.

What I find is that behind this question is a fear of making the wrong choice or of bringing about an unwanted outcome.

The truth is that none of us know for sure what our lives will bring with the choices we make. Most of us have experienced that if we don’t listen to our hearts we may end up doing something or living a life that isn’t true to our authentic self.

Our soul, intuition, guides, angels, and departed loved ones communicate with us through our feelings and our own heart.

When we feel the desires of our heart, we know that we are listening to our inner guidance.

When we force ourselves to do things because we feel we must, we usually find that we begin to feel stifled or restrained.

Here’s an example. After I graduated from college I bought a woman’s business suit and spent many hours learning a spreadsheet program. I had been an English and art major, but I figured I had better get real and learn what I could to do work that seemed more fitting for a “real” job.

Guess what? I never wore that suit to any job and I never used that spreadsheet program.

In the end, I needed to find my own way and do work that was better suited to my personality and strengths.

Whatever it is that you would love to do, trust that spirit knows this and is working behind the scenes to help you once you decide to take action on your desire and listen to your heart.


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