Overcoming Fear through Love

Fear can feel like a looming, overwhelming dark cloud that dampens our mood and stops us in our tracks.

However, when we look at fear from the light of our heart and our higher self, it is just energy.

We can transmute the energy of fear to the energy of light.

Ultimately whatever we do in our lives comes from a place of fear or love.

When we come from love, our actions serve others.

By focusing on the service aspect of our actions, we can transform fear to love.

For example, when we feel anxious or afraid about sharing our gifts more publicly, or to a broader audience, we can feel anxious wondering if we “have what it takes” or “are we qualified to do this work at this level?”.

If instead, we focus our thoughts and feelings on those whom we serve, and transmit love from our heart, we are energetically bringing light to our own thoughts.

Our egos place value on what we do with judgments about how much money we make or how many people we serve.

Our divine self, however, makes no such judgments. Who is to say that one kind gesture, such as listening to another person with an open heart, is any less significant than speaking to a large audience?

When we are about to engage in our work at the next level, whether that be to a larger audience, a more public venue, or at a greater income potential, it is natural for our fears to surface.

The important thing to remember is to do our best, keep our intentions pure, and come from the same place of love and genuineness as if we were volunteering our time with a much cherished group.

From this place, we can know we are serving with heart and integrity. And with this intention, our actions are supported with a higher consciousness.

It ceases to be about our insecurities and instead reveals the true essence of what we came here to do: love from a place of openness and sincerity.


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