Opening to Our Inner Light

Inner Light 




Opening to our inner light is an ongoing process that involves becoming aware of inhibiting feelings and thoughts.

Attempting to ignore or suppress these feelings interferes with our connection because we are spending so much of our energy pretending they don’t exist or wishing they would just go away.

We may have learned this behavior as a self-protecting way of dealing with difficult situations from our past.

For instance, if our feelings have been ignored, ridiculed, or shamed, we may have learned to suppress our true expression in favor of behaving in a way that was more acceptable to others.

While this might have been necessary in some situations such as childhood or in abusive relationships, as we mature, functioning in this way becomes increasingly uncomfortable.

We may find ourselves surviving or living what appears to be a fine life to everyone else, but to our inner self, our life lacks a feeling of aliveness and momentum that makes life our life feel worthwhile.

In previous challenging situations where our voice and feelings went unrecognized, we squelched our feelings to survive or fit in. We may have even learned to ignore or suppress our own feelings of pain.

We protected ourselves by blocking the sensation of pain because that was what helped us make it through whatever we were going through.


The concern is, that by continuing to do so, we block awareness of our spirit, our full expression of our Higher Selves and our divine nature.

We live in a limited way that we think keeps us safe and acceptable, but our inner self knows that this is untrue.

At some point we realize that we are generating our own pain because we are disconnected from the fullness of who we are in essence and we live with less joy and fulfillment than is possible.

There was a time in my life when I tried to fit in to what I thought was a “normal” way to live. I took jobs that were in alignment with my abilities, but I continually felt that there was more I was called to do.

For a long time I ignored this voice and chose to live in a way that I thought was keeping me safe. I was responsible, I went to work, I spent time with friends and family, but deep inside I could never lose the feeling of a longing for something more in my life.

At first I thought this longing was connected to my desire for more authentic work, a more prestigious job, more money, or even the complete reworking of personality traits I deemed lacking. With time, I came to realize that none of these things were the cause of my longing.

Only when I became aware that it was a deeper connection to my divine self, my inner light, my true nature, and in turn a greater connection to Spirit, did I experience the filling of an internal void that had plagued me.

This is my present and my life-long lesson, to continually fill myself up with my own inner light and strengthen my divine connection. From this place, I see more clearly, and I know in my heart that I am guided and I am fulfilled.


Fortunately, we can learn to reprogram our thoughts, learn a new way of being, and live more connected to our hearts.

We can start by loving the hurt part of ourselves, feel the pain we have suppressed, and then with the help of Spirit, let the pain go.

We can bring in light energy for our soul and to support the full expression of ourselves. Then we can live with greater awareness of our choices in each moment and be more present with ourselves and others.


This process of continually connecting to our inner light literally restores our energy and well-being because we have called back our energy into present time.

Those energetic pieces of ourselves we have left hanging in our past or tied to our fears and worries, now have been re-integrated into our core self or essence.


With this integration of our inner self, we live more freely, more joyously, and with greater love.

It is a homecoming to our spirit and from here we can create more effectively because our past no longer weighs us down.



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