10 Tips for Empaths to Clear Your Energy

On our spiritual journey, we become more aware that keeping our energy clear and balanced is vital to maintaining good health, but also to keeping healthy boundaries with others and also understanding divine guidance.

Everything is energy, and energy is how spirit communicates with us. The more we are aware of our own energy on a regular basis, the easier it is to sense this divine communication.

We each carry a unique energy vibration. As we become more familiar with our own energy, we also become more sensitive to the energy around us, including that of others.

We can be empathetic, giving people, but we also need to honor ourselves and our own boundaries by keeping our energy clean and clear by not taking on other people’s energy.

By becoming more observant of our energy and the energy around us, we better know where we begin and others end. It feels good to take care of ourselves and to respect our needs.

Our bodies are quite good at communicating this to us. The body will let us know what is appropriate for our highest good.

We can feel this energy physically and we can decide with our intentions how we will direct our energy, and how we will receive or not receive energy from other sources.

Spending regular time to quiet ourselves and go within helps us to hear our guidance and is very healing. It also makes it easier to keep ourselves clear and balanced.

With increased awareness and commitment to honoring our our own needs, we have more energy and vitality.

Tip # 1  Notice when your body feels relaxed and at peace. Observe when your mind is quiet and when you feel centered and confident. Recreate these times for yourself regularly.

Tip # 2   Where in your body do you most often feel energy? Is it your heart, your chest area, your gut or belly, or other area? Where do you seem most sensitive to energy in your body?

Tip # 3  Quiet your mind and body regularly to keep your energy clean and clear.

Tip # 4  Pray for guidance and support when you are feeling ungrounded or in need of assistance.

Tip # 5  Create healthy boundaries between yourself and anyone whose energy makes you feel drained, exhausted, guilty, manipulated, angry, frustrated, sad, or less than good about yourself.

Tip # 6  Regularly visualize yourself cleaning and clearing your energy with the light of Source. See it clearing you to the level of each and every cell of your body.

Tip # 7 Surround yourself with white light in challenging situations. If afterward you still feel unbalanced, do one of these tips to clear your energy field.

Tip # 8 Spend time outdoors and have physical contact with nature to clear your energy. Touch the grass, a tree, sand, water, etc. The earth is cleansing and grounding to our energy bodies.

Tip # 9  Take a sea salt or Epsom salt bath to cleanse the aura and body.

Tip # 10  Recharge, relax, and do something fun to refresh your energy.

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