Spiritual Coaching

Self-Acceptance: Loving All Parts of Our Self

By Jeannette / January 6, 2016

Being Empathic I’ve been watching several interviews with Sounds True’s The Self Acceptance Project. One of the guests, Karla McLaren, mentions how people who are highly empathic often have difficulty prioritizing themselves and may even have challenges in knowing what they want. It’s an issue she sees in many women, and some men. Those of … Read More about Self-Acceptance: Loving All Parts of Our Self

Self-Care and Building Your Dream

By Jeannette / January 29, 2015

          A common pattern I see in my clients and something I continue to work on myself is over-giving. Many of us in service-based professions have big hearts and a tendency to lose ourselves in relationship with others. We may do this with parents, children, friends, clients, co-workers, intimate partners, and … Read More about Self-Care and Building Your Dream

Soul Growth and Self-Love

By Jeannette / September 15, 2014

Lately I’ve been preparing for my upcoming Past Life Regression Therapy training in November by reading several books about the healing and therapeutic effects of past life and in between lives regression. By becoming more aware of ourselves as a soul and the many lifetimes we’ve lived, as well as the multidimensional level of the … Read More about Soul Growth and Self-Love

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