Spirit Messages in Symbols

By Jeannette / March 13, 2023

Beginning to look at your life and your world symbolically can help you with Spirit communication. By Spirit this could be your own soul, guides, intuition, or even loved ones in the afterlife. Symbols are multi-layered, which is why it can be more meaningful to receive Spirit messages in symbols rather than in words. Common … Read More about Spirit Messages in Symbols

Communicating with Loved Ones on the Other Side

By Jeannette / February 3, 2015

            I sometimes hear from people that they miss their loved ones so much and they wish they could hear from them, but they are not receiving their messages or their loved ones aren’t communicating with them. I wanted to share with you some tips about how your loved one … Read More about Communicating with Loved Ones on the Other Side

Self-Care and Building Your Dream

By Jeannette / January 29, 2015

          A common pattern I see in my clients and something I continue to work on myself is over-giving. Many of us in service-based professions have big hearts and a tendency to lose ourselves in relationship with others. We may do this with parents, children, friends, clients, co-workers, intimate partners, and … Read More about Self-Care and Building Your Dream

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