Trust You are Guided by Spirit

By Jeannette / November 10, 2018

 Be yourself. Your gifts and your vision play an important role in helping others. When you find yourself in doubt remember, you come from spirit, you are spirit and you will return to spirit. The more we embrace this truth the more likely we are to remember to release self-judgment and any concerns we have … Read More about Trust You are Guided by Spirit

Trusting Inner Guidance

By Jeannette / March 16, 2017

One question I am asked again and again is how to trust one’s inner guidance. What I find is that behind this question is a fear of making the wrong choice or of bringing about an unwanted outcome. The truth is that none of us know for sure what our lives will bring with the … Read More about Trusting Inner Guidance

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10 Keys to Trusting Divine Guidance

By Jeannette / February 10, 2015

Divine Guidance is as natural as listening to our own inner voice. That’s because our inner voice is connected to our divine self. Most of us may think when we first start opening up to our intuition, spirit guides, angels, or our own soul’s guidance that it is going to be something attention-getting, maybe even … Read More about 10 Keys to Trusting Divine Guidance

Spirit Guidance on Your Path

By Jeannette / September 13, 2011

              A friend was telling me about Sylvia Browne’s latest book in which she writes about famous people and their lives in the spirit realm. It mentioned how John Lennon and George Harrison had intended to work together to raise the consciousness of humanity through their music. It just … Read More about Spirit Guidance on Your Path

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