Soul Gifts:

The Power in
Your Name & Birthdate

Numerology &

Soul Purpose

No more round pegs in square holes.

You are here for a unique and profound purpose.

Numerology Workshop Jeannette Hill Portland Oregon

Your Life Path

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Discover how your soul planned to share your gifts.

Your Gifts are for a reason.

Your life experiences shape the path you are on and how you can help others.


You have more potential inside of you than is being expressed at work or in your life. A bigger part of you is going unseen in your life.

You may be going through the motions or even experienced success in your career, but still some deeper needs inside are not being fulfilled.

You may have tried personality tests to get to a deeper sense of yourself, but those can even feel too general.

Or maybe you’ve had your astrology done, but it’s a lot of information to remember to be able to apply it to your life.

You sense that there is something more for you because you want to feel a passion for your life and excited about getting out of bed in the morning.


When you know how your name and birthdate show your unique gifts, you have an immediate way of understanding what you need to feel more fulfilled.

Your talents and what you love to do in your career are found in the numerology of your name and birthdate.

Your Gifts are for a reason.

I was adopted as a one year-old, born in South Korea and brought to the US, raised by American parents and given an American name.

Yet when I compared my Korean name and my American name, the expression or meaning of my soul’s potential and gifts found in both names, were exactly the same.

I often felt very different from others in my family and sometimes other kids.

I wondered why I was highly sensitive and what the heck to do about it.

“Why in the world,” I wondered, “could I feel everyone’s emotions around me as if they were my own?”

How Numerology can Help You:

I have worked with clients as a professional numerologist for 13 years and as an intuitive reader and for 20 years.

And yes, the numbers in my name and birthdate reveal an inclination toward the mystical and things like numerology.

I also have a passion for helping others understand and clarify their purpose.

I love knowing the mystical and energetic meaning of potential of numbers and how they can help people.

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Every name and birthdate, in combination, is like a blueprint to your soul.

I absolutely love how much numerology clarifies, validates and enlightens people
once they know their numbers.

Your Birthday has Clues

“Why was I so interested in God and communication or travel in other dimensions?”

Cue to my thirties, when I discovered Numerology.

My life path was known for being very sensitive, spiritually inclined and having highly intuitive abilities for the sake of helping others.

And I was likely to find fulfillment in doing so through teaching, advising, healing, and creative expression.

It was like a cosmic light bulb went off and I could fully take in that my differences were for a reason that actually meant something.

Your Name’s Gifts:

Then I became passionate about teaching others about their own soul’s gifts and natural expression in their lives.

Did you know that when you were born, your soul’s gifts were already a part of you?

It’s true, your birthdate and your name hold clues to who you are, what you wanted to do and how you wanted to be in this life.

By knowing your unique Numerology numbers and their meaning, you have an automatic window not only into your soul, but that of family, friends, and clients too.

Portland Oregon - Numerology Workshop

Once you know the 9 numbers in numerology,
you have a simple way to understand yourself others in your life.

You’ll begin to see the meaning of numbers and their messages.

Your Unique Energy

It helps you see your true self and that of others.

No more second guessing your desires and your gifts.

Instead, you will have a map to your soul’s natural talents and abilities.

It’s there in your name and birthdate.

And it’s straightforward and easy to remember.

No planets you have to recall.


What You will Learn:

In your career, know your strengths and why certain jobs may not be the best fit.

What you uniquely need to feel alive and on purpose in your work and life.

Understand your talents and how these relate to your purpose and life direction.

Why it’s easier to get along with some people and how to navigate more challenging relationships based on the numbers.

Who this is for:

Those wanting clarity about their purpose

Intuitives, coaches and consultants who would like to help their clients know their gifts and purpose.

Those wanting to better understand their relationships: partners, children, family, and friends

Anyone wanting to know how to express their gifts in their career.


What others say:

I just finished my session with Jeannette. I must say the entire time she gave me goose bumps. It was so accurate beginning from my childhood to the upcoming future. Too bad not too many people understand the concept of numerology reading.
For those of you that want to understand the purpose of your being on this Earth and following the path of your destiny please book a reading with Jeannette and be ready to not only being educated but also fascinated. Many thanks beautiful angel. I enjoyed every minute of your knowledge and thank you for leading me to my path.

~Firouzeh Heidari

In the entirety of the session she gave me great insight into the potential journeys I have in this lifetime based on my gifts. Since our initial reading it really has had a profound impact on my life, over these last couple of weeks, and I am again so grateful to have met you. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us!! I couldn’t recommend getting a reading from her enough!

~Ashley H.
Portland, OR

She is able to explain Numerology in a concise & simple manner and to express the results she has found in a very organized and detailed manner. She is right on. She tuned into me and my heart and the things which have been blocking me for many years.
She gave excellent advice on how to break through those blocks now, and not waste any more time, but to be able to get on the right life path which I should be on now.
She delivers the information in such a caring manner that I could not help but be very touched and impressed and enlightened by it. I highly, highly recommend her as an excellent Intuitive Career Coach to anyone who needs some guidance and is ready to hear it.
I believe that Jeannette is very capable of guiding them onto the right path of fulfillment and happiness in their lives, as I feel she has done for me. I am very grateful to have had this reading from Jeannette.

~Donna Schultz



* Special Bonuses:

I will calculate your life path and expression number for you prior to class.

Everyone who registers for this course receives a complimentary 30 minute Intuitive Numerology Reading with me.

* Special Bonuses:

I will calculate your life path and expression number for you prior to class.

Everyone who registers for this course receives a complimentary 30 minute Intuitive Numerology Reading with me.

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