What is Your Passion?

By Jeannette / August 22, 2011

              I love a good bargain. Last week I as at the library with my son Henry and found a great book for only $2.50: The Mom’s Guide to Running a Business: Strategies for Work Success and Family Balance. It’s full of inspirational stories about women entrepreneurs who started … Read More about What is Your Passion?

10 Tips for Empaths to Clear Your Energy

By Jeannette / August 17, 2011

On our spiritual journey, we become more aware that keeping our energy clear and balanced is vital to maintaining good health, but also to keeping healthy boundaries with others and also understanding divine guidance. Everything is energy, and energy is how spirit communicates with us. The more we are aware of our own energy on … Read More about 10 Tips for Empaths to Clear Your Energy

Opening to Our Inner Light

By Jeannette / July 21, 2011

        Opening to our inner light is an ongoing process that involves becoming aware of inhibiting feelings and thoughts. Attempting to ignore or suppress these feelings interferes with our connection because we are spending so much of our energy pretending they don’t exist or wishing they would just go away. We may … Read More about Opening to Our Inner Light

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