Numerology of Halloween

The Magical Numerology of Halloween

By Jeannette / October 30, 2023

Halloween, when you add the numbers, is a 5. Five is about freedom, change, curiosity, and independence. Its influence brings a desire to seek adventure and a variety of experiences. It’s also about enjoying life, having fun and not taking things too seriously. It seems fitting then that Halloween is a time when people wear … Read More about The Magical Numerology of Halloween

Afterlife communication

A Mother’s Needlepoint (shared with permission)

By Jeannette / October 26, 2023

Last week, I was speaking with a woman I know whose mother had passed away about how she missed her. I never knew her mother, but knew that this woman had a close relationship with her mom. As the conversation was wrapping up I paused and sensed the presence of her mother’s spirit. Her mother … Read More about A Mother’s Needlepoint (shared with permission)

Energy and sensitivity

Energy & Sensitivity: A Message from My Guides

By Jeannette / October 16, 2023

Everything is energy. Energy within is reflected without. Many who are sensitive hide out or make themselves smaller. Reevaluate how you see yourselves. You who are attracted to this message are leaders and way-showers, for you lead with the heart. Understanding your gifts of sensitivity is crucial to you knowing your purpose and role in … Read More about Energy & Sensitivity: A Message from My Guides

Loved ones in the afterlife

Your Loved Ones in the Afterlife Stay Connected 

By Jeannette / August 15, 2023

Your loved ones in the afterlife stay connected with you. They know what is important to you and what goes on in your life. They give evidence of things like their personality, job, or special memories, but then they want to talk about you. Your loved one wants to help you and their message to … Read More about Your Loved Ones in the Afterlife Stay Connected 

Symbols and Spirit Guidance

By Jeannette / March 13, 2023

Beginning to look at your life and your world symbolically can help you with Spirit communication. By Spirit this could be your own soul, guides, intuition, or even loved ones in the afterlife. Symbols are multi-layered, which is why it can be more meaningful to receive Spirit messages in symbols rather than in words. Common … Read More about Symbols and Spirit Guidance

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