Tips for Navigating Uncertainty

By Jeannette / February 25, 2019

Sometimes called the void or dark night of the soul, when we are in times of challenge there is often an element of uncertainty that can keep us feeling off balance. Not only do we have struggle, we may feel alone in our pain or unsure of when it will end. I know that as … Read More about Tips for Navigating Uncertainty

Soul Growth and Self-Love

By Jeannette / September 15, 2014

Lately I’ve been preparing for my upcoming Past Life Regression Therapy training in November by reading several books about the healing and therapeutic effects of past life and in between lives regression. By becoming more aware of ourselves as a soul and the many lifetimes we’ve lived, as well as the multidimensional level of the … Read More about Soul Growth and Self-Love

Overcoming Fear through Love

By Jeannette / September 20, 2011

Fear can feel like a looming, overwhelming dark cloud that dampens our mood and stops us in our tracks. However, when we look at fear from the light of our heart and our higher self, it is just energy. We can transmute the energy of fear to the energy of light. Ultimately whatever we do … Read More about Overcoming Fear through Love

10 Tips for Empaths to Clear Your Energy

By Jeannette / August 17, 2011

On our spiritual journey, we become more aware that keeping our energy clear and balanced is vital to maintaining good health, but also to keeping healthy boundaries with others and also understanding divine guidance. Everything is energy, and energy is how spirit communicates with us. The more we are aware of our own energy on … Read More about 10 Tips for Empaths to Clear Your Energy

Opening to Our Inner Light

By Jeannette / July 21, 2011

        Opening to our inner light is an ongoing process that involves becoming aware of inhibiting feelings and thoughts. Attempting to ignore or suppress these feelings interferes with our connection because we are spending so much of our energy pretending they don’t exist or wishing they would just go away. We may … Read More about Opening to Our Inner Light

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