Numerology of 2024 and Your Personal Year

By Jeannette / December 30, 2023

When you know your personal year cycles in numerology, you can approach the upcoming year with an understanding of the opportunities available to you, including those highlighting your personal growth. Throughout your life, you repeatedly go through 9 personal year cycles, which begin at the start of a new year and end at the completion … Read More about Numerology of 2024 and Your Personal Year

Numerology of Halloween

The Magical Numerology of Halloween

By Jeannette / October 30, 2023

Halloween, when you add the numbers, is a 5. Five is about freedom, change, curiosity, and independence. Its influence brings a desire to seek adventure and a variety of experiences. It’s also about enjoying life, having fun and not taking things too seriously. It seems fitting then that Halloween is a time when people wear … Read More about The Magical Numerology of Halloween

Numerology & the New Year

By Jeannette / January 3, 2019

Each new year brings with it new opportunities. Numerology teaches that each year we also go through a different cycle of possibilities, known as our Personal Year, based on our birthdate. 2019 is a 3 year, which brings creativity, inspiration, upliftment, and social opportunity overall. Your Personal Year, which is of greater impact than the general … Read More about Numerology & the New Year

New Year's Goals

Numerology and Your Personal Year

By Jeannette / January 13, 2017

After 2016 many are hoping for a fresh start. 2017 in Numerology is a 1 year. The number 1 represents new beginnings and new opportunities. Numerology gives us the opportunity throughout our lives to begin anew. We enter 9 year cycles continuously both universally and in our personal lives. In our 1 year, which we … Read More about Numerology and Your Personal Year

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