The Magical Numerology of Halloween

Halloween, when you add the numbers, is a 5. Five is about freedom, change, curiosity, and independence.

Its influence brings a desire to seek adventure and a variety of experiences. It’s also about enjoying life, having fun and not taking things too seriously.

It seems fitting then that Halloween is a time when people wear different costumes, playfully inhabit a new persona, and children go door to door trick or treating for candy.

There is another side to Halloween, which is also reflected in its soul urge number 8, found by adding the numbers of the vowels.

One aspect of the 8 is to find balance between the material world and the spiritual, for it represents infinity.

Historically Halloween is connected to Celtic and European traditions, where the veils were said to thin to allow for spirits to appear and bonfires were lit for the souls traveling to the afterlife.

There are also origins of honoring those who had passed on All Hallows Eve, a predecessor to what we know as Halloween today.

The number for the day of Halloween this year, October 31, 2023, is a 3 when you add together the numbers of the date.

Three is a number of optimism, creativity, joy, and self-expression. Both the 3 and 5 share gifts of communication and a preference for humor and enjoyment of life.

With Halloween’s association with ghosts, witches, magic, parties, and the imagination of children, it’s a good time to enjoy the lighter, more playful aspects of ourselves and this day.

It’s an auspicious time to uplift one another, enjoy each other’s company and can also be a playful reminder of our connections to our ancestors and communication with Spirit.

When we allow the fun of Halloween to open our hearts, play like a child, and like the night itself, bring light to the dark, magical possibilities begin to appear.  

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