Numerology of 2024 and Your Personal Year

When you know your personal year cycles in numerology, you can approach the upcoming year with an understanding of the opportunities available to you, including those highlighting your personal growth.

Throughout your life, you repeatedly go through 9 personal year cycles, which begin at the start of a new year and end at the completion of the year.

Around the time of your birthday you may experience a heightened influence of your personal year number.

You will be affected both by the universal energies of the current year, as well as the energy of your own individual personal year.

Let’s look at how to figure the universal number of each year, by adding all of the digits of the year.

In 2024, the number is an 8. Eight is a number about power, especially empowerment. Universally, on a global scale, humanity has an opportunity to approach the use of power in a way that benefits and empowers individuals and groups.

This is not the type of power that dominates, but power that connects the material realm to the spiritual, that considers the benefit of the many as opposed to self alone.

The higher energy of 8 is expressed as a power that is mutually beneficial, supportive and empowering.

To calculate your personal year, add the month of your birth and the day you were born to the current year’s number. Month of birth + day of birth + current year = Your Personal Year number

For example, if you were born on November 13:

Add 11 (month) + 13 (day)= 24

Any two digit number is added and reduced to a single digit. Therefore, 24 is reduced to 2+4 = 6.

Take that number (6) and add it to the calendar year (2024):

6 + 2024 (2+0+2+4) = 14

Now reduce to a single digit: 1 + 4 = 5

5 is your personal year. Any two digit number is further added and reduced to a single digit.

In a 1 personal year, we are beginning a new cycle and in a 9 year, we are completing a 9 year cycle, preparing to enter a new 9 year cycle.

A year requiring more outward focus and activity is followed by a year needing a softer approach.

After being in a year of hard work and continuous effort, you may see in the next year a lessening of responsibility and possibilities for more enjoyment and positive changes.

Below are some brief explanations of each personal year and the characteristics for that year.

1- New beginnings, take risks, be adventurous and bold, start something new, be pioneering and take initiative

2- Give care and attention is given to what is started in the 1 year. Cooperation, partnerships, patience, intuition, and sensitivity is called for

3- Express your creativity, pay attention to your feelings, listen to your heart, socialize, do what brings you joy, and say your truth

4- Build foundations, focus, organize, manage, create security, be reliable and dedicated

5- Freedom, travel, change, new ventures, transitions, moving locations, follow your curiosity, keep your focus and commitments

6- A focus on family, community, friends, nurturing, healing, and responsibility, self-care is needed in this year of giving to others

7- Introspection, reflection, solitude is needed to go inward, focus on spirituality, self-awareness and your intuition

8- Finances, a focus on power, money, career, and success, management of others or projects, and leadership

9- A harvest year, that completes the 9 year cycle, endings, completion, healing, forgiveness, letting go of what is not for your highest good, release, and preparation for the next year, the beginning of a new 9 year cycle

With an awareness of your personal year, you can reflect on all you’ve learned and gained in previous years, seeing patterns in the cycles as well as prepare for your upcoming year and the energies available to you for growth, expansion and a deeper understanding of your current situations, environment and relationships.


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