Energy & Sensitivity: A Message from My Guides

Everything is energy.

Energy within is reflected without.

Many who are sensitive hide out or make themselves smaller.

Reevaluate how you see yourselves.

You who are attracted to this message are leaders and way-showers, for you lead with the heart.

Understanding your gifts of sensitivity is crucial to you knowing your purpose and role in the awakening not only of yourselves but of others as well.

Trust your intuition, your inclinations, your motivation toward the new, for all of you are catalysts of change.

Your soul does not have form, it is limitless in its potential, as are you.

Through your sensitivity you are knowing yourself at the soul level.

Do not discount the feelings of your heart, which act as bridge to your soul.

Each of you in your own way is being awakened to the stirrings in your heart, to the unfoldment of a new humanity.

We are here in this realm, so close and yes, available to assist you in the further awakening and unfoldment of your gifts.

Do not doubt, for you are as important and as needed as anyone- for all who answer the call within your hearts know this to be true.

Thank you for your willingness both to listen and to embark on this adventure of your soul.


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