Your Loved Ones in the Afterlife Stay Connected 

Your loved ones in the afterlife stay connected with you. They know what is important to you and what goes on in your life. They give evidence of things like their personality, job, or special memories, but then they want to talk about you.

Your loved one wants to help you and their message to is to help you heal, feel less alone in your challenges and reassure you that they are still part of your life.

In readings I have been told of my clients’ nighttime routines, of their prayers and concerns, their hopes and wishes, their career talents, and even words they’ve read in books or had framed and hung in honor of their loved ones.

(Some of the following details have been changed to protect the privacy of my clients.) 

For instance, a wife tells her husband that she knows he needs time to grieve and that practical concerns about whether to sell their house or her car can wait, because he needs time to heal.

A grandmother may come through, speaking of where she lived, giving me a detailed visual tour of her home to give evidence that it really is her. And then, she brings through her grandchild, the child of my client, the one she would babysit when she was young and now she is with her in Spirit, to let her mother know that she is with her in the afterlife, together again.

Your loved one knows about the clothing of theirs you’ve kept, of how you hold it sometimes because their scent still lingers on their clothing.

They know about how you’ve been thinking of your career or how a family member needs support.

I say to people that their love for their family and friends who have passed draws them close.

That yes, the item that falls from the shelf repeatedly on its own, or the bird that lands so close to them and lingers longer than a bird usually does, the song they hear at just the right time that holds special meaning, or the feeling that they are nearby, these are signs from your loved ones.

They are with you and their love for you carries on, when you wash the dishes, or care for your family, and when you need them most. ❤️

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