Tips for Navigating Uncertainty

Sometimes called the void or dark night of the soul, when we are in times of challenge there is often an element of uncertainty that can keep us feeling off balance.

Not only do we have struggle, we may feel alone in our pain or unsure of when it will end.

I know that as I’ve grown, I’ve realized that the more I stay consistent to a spiritual practice, the more grounded I am during times of challenge.

The very first thing I had to learn was to value this time as a period of tremendous growth and change.

I started reaching out to Spirit for guidance through prayer. I then learned that the more I could quiet my mind, the more I could hear my inner guidance and see evidence of divine support in my life.

Here are some tips that I have learned to help go through challenges.

1. Practice good self-care through regular exercise, rest, and time alone.

2. Say no to unnecessary projects or demands on your time. Simplify your days and allow some parts of your day to just be without activities to do.

3. Start writing in a journal. Keep track of your thoughts and feelings. Write down your dreams and ideas. Write down your night time dreams and look up dream symbols. Look for patterns and themes in your dreams and in your thoughts.

4. Lighten your mood by watching something funny, talking to someone you trust, do something fun, go to a new place or restaurant, read something just for fun.

5. Look to inspirational role models. Be inspired by their example and their courage. If they have them, read their books, watch their movies, see their YouTube videos, listen to their podcasts, or go to their events.

6. Quiet your mind on your own or with the help of a guided meditation. Use your breath to slow down and clear your mind and body of tension.

7. Spend time in nature. Nature is powerfully restorative and calming when we are under stress.

8. Ask yourself what is truly important to you and what you most want to be doing in your life.

9. If you can’t talk about your feelings, write about them. Pay attention to your feelings rather than stuff them inside.

10. Be gentle and compassionate with yourself. Avoid placing expectations on yourself to “have it together” and get over it. Let yourself take time to process what you are going through and feel the emotions you are feeling without judgment.

11. Be hopeful about the future and your capacity to become stronger and wiser. As you go inward, you are empowering yourself from within and building a strong inner foundation.

12. Start slowly taking steps toward doing what you dream about in your heart. Let your imagination be open to new possibilities, opportunities and new ways of being that want to emerge.

This is a time of change and transition and you are getting in touch with your truth and your heart. You won’t stay in this phase of uncertainty forever.

Sometimes our lives present us with challenging times so that we learn how to hear our soul’s guidance and access our spiritual nature.

We learn to let go of control and allow in higher guidance and support. Then we start seeing opportunities we were unaware of before and we remember to view ourselves and our lives from a higher perspective.


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