You are Loved and Watched Over by Spirit


I never cease to be amazed by the love and concern our loved ones in Spirit have for us. I was so moved by the power of a mother’s love for her daughter during a mediumship reading today. This mother was able to impress upon me current challenges her daughter was going through as well as other important information she wanted to convey.

All of this was done through a third person, as I have never met the daughter or spoken to her.

When we touch into our hearts, we can feel the love of Spirit and the Divine presence in our lives. Our hearts tell us the truth. It’s the love we feel for our family, friends, and our pets.

Spirit wants us to extend this same love to ourselves. Life can bring great challenges that cause our hearts pain, but these challenges can also open our hearts to others. Another’s pain becomes our own, we see ourselves in another, and we wish for them as much peace and love as we do for ourselves.

It is through your heart that Spirit will speak to you. When you are wondering if the guidance you are receiving is real, check in with your heart. If you feel a sense of peace or a pull in a direction that would open opportunity for you and add harmony, joy, or clarity to your life, then you are tapping into higher guidance.

As you follow your heart, your life unfolds like a beautiful flower, whose beauty and fragrance brings light to yourself as well as to others. With time we can see this beauty. In the moment though we may be in the midst of challenge, the flower continues to unfold, gently encouraging us to keep our heart open and allow love to light the way.


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