How to Hear Your Own Spiritual Guidance

Meditation, spiritualEven though I have been working as a professional Spiritual Intuitive since 2004, it took me many years to stop questioning myself. I did not have lots of paranormal experiences prior to discovering my abilities in my late twenties and since I was adopted, I didn’t have any relatives to turn to who could show me that my abilities were inherited. I had to figure out what these abilities were and what I was going to do with them.

I firmly believe that I was guided to know myself first and that my intuitive or psychic abilities were secondary to cultivating a spiritual connection.

My abilities allowed me to know through the many readings I would do, that a higher force was enabling me to deliver very accurate and helpful messages to my clients. The vast majority of my clients have been complete strangers to me whom I know nothing other than their name. Time and again, however, I would be given details and messages for my clients that only they would know about themselves and their lives.

I began to trust that I was not doing the work alone and that there was a greater purpose for my heightened intuitive abilities.

I came to know that this purpose was to show and teach others how they could access their own spiritual guidance and trust they are loved and supported by Spirit.

I also believe that my ability is no more special than anyone’s abilities and that connecting to and communicating with Spirit (God, angels, guides, loved ones) is something we can all do.

Over time I began to see in my own life and in the lives of my clients that connecting with Spirit brings these Benefits:

  1. Feeling loved & supported
  2. Feeling more at peace
  3. Increased feelings of well-being
  4. Trust in your own guidance
  5. Greater self-confidence
  6. Greater sense of purpose
  7. Discovering new ways you can help others with your gifts and abilities
  8. Improvement in your own self-care and self-appreciation
  9. More consistently taking action toward your goals and dreams
  10. More frequent and consistent feelings of inspiration and belief in yourself

So How Do You Begin this Spiritual Connection?

  • Give it your Time and Attention by making it a Priority
  • Take regular time for Quiet
  • Let yourself Relax
  • Cultivate Self-Awareness
  • Meditation

Keep it simple by taking small amounts of time each day to get quiet and go within. Focus on calming and relaxing your body and releasing worry or concern.

A major part of hearing the voice of your own higher self and soul in addition to spiritual guides and loved ones in Spirit, is letting go of worry, stress and self-doubt.

This is why so many of us naturally tune into higher guidance when we shower, spend time in nature, engage in an activity we love, daydream, or are otherwise lost in the moment. Our linear, critical mind is released from its incessant thinking and we open to something vaster than our everyday concerns.

Yet at the same time, we receive valuable guidance to help us with these very concerns.

I recommend keeping a journal and writing down the guidance you receive during these times. When you go back and re-read this guidance, you will likely notice its relevance and helpfulness to your life.

Consistency is key because it helps train our minds that we can receive higher guidance and that we are supported and loved. The more we return to a relaxed state the more we open to our inner wisdom and heightened perception about our lives.

Another important step is to begin to pay attention to your body and your energy.

When we are not following our inner wisdom, we may feel uneasy, anxious, afraid, stuck, insecure, or overwhelmed. We may notice our energy levels drop or have a feeling of having to force ourselves to do something. We may also feel feel restless and unsettled.

Receiving spiritual guidance was never meant to be difficult or something that only select people get to do. It does not require psychic abilities or years of meditation. It is innately within us all.

With practice, you can begin to act on your own guidance more regularly, knowing that you have access to higher wisdom you can trust.


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