Sensing Spirit

Ispirit, divine guidance, intuition, psychic believe we can all sense the presence of Spirit.

For some this is through the beauty of nature, the feeling of a loved one visiting us from the realm of Spirit, the sense of the Divine guiding us in our life, or a synchronistic event that benefits us in some way.

There is a higher frequency of Spirit that we can sense when we quiet our mind and relax the body.

Spirit speaks to us through our heart.

When we surrender to receive Divine guidance, we tune into a higher frequency that transmits its messages through feelings, body sensations, symbols, and words that seem to suddenly appear in our minds.

Let me give you an example. In my twenties I prayed to be shown my purpose. Over the course of the next year I was guided to go to a section in the library where I was working and pull off the shelf a book called Embraced by the Light. At the time I was working in the children’s library and had never noticed this area of books in the adult section before. I read this book about Betty Eadie’s near death experience.

I was stunned as I had never heard of this before and didn’t know such experiences existed or that many others throughout the world had experiences similar to Eadie’s in which they visited the realm of Spirit and were met by benevolent beings and felt an overwhelming sense of unconditional love.

After reading Embraced by the Light I was guided to read books on intuition, psychic ability, subtle energy, and emotional and spiritual healing.
What would follow was the opening of my own psychic and mediumistic abilities.

I learned first through books and then through direct experience that our spiritual guides, teachers, angels and loved ones in Spirit are continuously guiding us and giving us signs of their presence and support.

It created in me a compelling desire to understand this Spiritual presence in our lives and how best to engage with it.
I learned that with practice and loving intention, that sensing the presence of Spirit in my life was something that was becoming more and more accessible.

I believe that if we ask Spirit for this assistance, we are guided to understand and learn for ourselves. We begin to see that although we live in a physical world there is a Divine force guiding us through our life journey.

All we need to do to receive help is to ask.


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