10 Tips to Discover and Live Your Life Purpose




One of the primary questions I get asked as a professional intuitive is,

“What is my purpose?”

What people really want to know is what career would I most enjoy and make use of my talents. What I’ve found from doing many hundreds of readings over the last 12 years, is that your purpose is never a surprise. The clues are to be found in the life you’ve been living.

1. What you love to do

You’ve likely heard this many times before, but your purpose involves what you love doing. I have a friend who is a teacher. Right now she is a stay-at-home mom, but one day she will return to teaching. Every time I see her in front of a group of kids, her face lights up, her voice is encouraging and inspiring, and it makes me want to be a kid again and be one of her students.


2. What comes to you naturally

Don’t take this to mean you may not need to develop your skills. You don’t need to be a genius or superstar, but you will find that your purpose includes doing those things that you don’t have to force yourself to do. A former client was an English professor who also did her own writing.

After her reading with me she submitted her writing and was published. Did this take time and effort? Of course it did, but she persevered because she loved writing and it was something she was doing even if she didn’t get paid for it.


3. Look for clues in your current job

I’ve had many clients who during a reading with me, discover that their talents and skills are bigger than their current job allows them to express. What I help them do is discover the skills and talents they are longing to express more.

For instance, another client owned a business in which she provided personal services to her clients. She discovered that what she really loved was the business side of growing her business, expanding it, and creating new visions and ideas she could act on.


4. The painful times in your life

Every one of my clients has reached a stage in his or her life where they can see the challenges they’ve overcome and the benefits to be gained from it. Your challenges are gifts themselves. One of my clients had a severely abusive childhood. She is also one of the most compassionate, kind, loving, and spiritual people I have ever met. She uses these gifts in her sensitive work with her coaching clients who may have come from similar backgrounds.


5. Listen to your heart

I know listening to our heart can be scary. There are no guarantees in life. However, I have consistently learned that when I don’t follow my heart, I have regrets. Our heart is connected to our soul and to our purpose. Our heart tells us the truth and what truly matters. If I hadn’t listened to my heart 16 years ago, I wouldn’t be doing what I am today.


6. Make your ideas practical and doable

A lot of us get caught in the idea phase, I know I do. It’s safe here. However, the way to make your purpose come alive is to take one small step at a time. Before I opened my Intuitive Readings, (then Angel Readings) practice, I worried and doubted myself for 4 months. I had just moved to a new town where I didn’t know anyone. I gave myself a deadline to start in Jan. of the new year.


7. Taking even 1 step is better than hours of worry

Once I had a deadline, I began creating a website, brochures, business cards, and flyers. I took several cards and flyers and distributed them to many salons, bookstores, and natural food stores in my area. I placed an ad in a local holistic directory for Jan. and applied for a business license.

All of my worries and fears could not even compete with the joy of doing readings for my first paying client who called me from my ad and for the writing client I mentioned earlier who had found my card at her local bookstore.


8. Write down your goals, dreams and your fears

I’ve found that getting my ideas and my fears out of my head and onto paper helps me gain clarity and better focus. Studies have even shown that we are more likely to commit to a goal if we write it down.

Also, our fears tend to feel less overwhelming when we get them out of our head. Whether we write them down, share them with someone else, or simply have an inner dialogue with ourselves, listening to the part of ourselves that feels afraid and vulnerable is calming. When we listen to this part of us, we feel heard and our fear doesn’t have to take center stage. Our compassion and wise inner self can reassure and soothe the parts that are afraid.


9. Ask for help

By help I mean both physical, emotional, and spiritual. Ask for help from friends, family, or another professional or a consultant. Also remember to ask for help from your spiritual support team of guides and angels. The universe works with you once you decide. When you decide to make you and your goals a priority, universal forces gather to join you.


10. Remind yourself often that what you do matters

Our inner critic can be very seductive. It likes to tell us that so many other people do what we do. The real truth is that we are given the impetus and desire for our purpose by our own soul.

On a deeper level we know that we came into this life to help others with our gifts. I still remember those many teachers who encouraged me and gave me hope that I could go to college when I came from a family that discouraged it. Believing in yourself and in your purpose matters.

Your unique gifts are needed to inspire, uplift, and improve life for others.


Take some time this week to reflect on your purpose and your gifts.

Listen to the quiet whispers of your heart and give voice to your own truth.

Don’t let doubt or past hurts stop you from knowing that your unique contributions on this planet are an important part of what you came here to do.

Then take 1 small step toward your goals and make yourself and your dreams a priority.


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