Self-Care and Building Your Dream






A common pattern I see in my clients and something I continue to work on myself is over-giving. Many of us in service-based professions have big hearts and a tendency to lose ourselves in relationship with others.

We may do this with parents, children, friends, clients, co-workers, intimate partners, and others. We may enjoy giving but sometimes give to the point that we lose sight of ourselves and our own desires.

We fill our time with meeting other people’s needs or demands but fail to give our self the same time, care and attention. We may even feel depleted or resentful and wonder why we feel the lack of support in our lives.

Meanwhile time goes on and our dreams sit waiting for us to pay attention.

The first step to making our dreams a reality is to create time in our lives when we are not always doing or giving or even being with others.

Taking quiet time to go within and get comfortable with ourselves is key.

Changing a life-long pattern isn’t always easy, but our awareness of thoughts and behaviors that no longer serve us connects us more deeply to our inner longing for peace and authenticity.

Spirit has given us multiple ways to connect with our soul’s desire for growth. I am so blessed in my work to witness this whether it be through a reading, a past life regression, or the transformation a client undergoes in her coaching sessions.

Spirit and our own soul has endless ways to reach us and support us on our path.

Every time I’ve done a mediumship reading, after validation is given to his or her loved one, the spirit communicating through me begins to bring up areas in that person’s life in need of balance, healing, or attention.

Recently a male spirit gave validation of his passing but then went on to speak to the parents about their own career direction and the desire to help his brother with his next steps by talking about his talents.

Even on the other side our loved ones in spirit want us to be fulfilled and at peace and attempt to help us.

Giving time and attention to ourselves and our desires is not selfish, it’s liberating. When we fill up with needed time alone to do what we love and care about, we replenish at a deep level.

We can give from a grounded and healthy place. We feel more joyful and at ease.

My wish for you after you read this is that you begin to make it a habit to ask yourself, “What would I love to do today or this week?” and begin to do it.

If it’s a big dream inside of you, remember that even one small step brings your dream that much closer.

Feel the possibility of the universe and your own soul inside of you and know that Spirit guides you, supports you, and encourages you through your own heart’s desires.

Take a few deep breaths in and out, let the mind and the ego subside, feel into your heart chakra at the center of your chest, and allow the heart to speak to you.

Listen and receive the message it has for you. Trust that your dreams are supported by Spirit and part of your purpose and mission.


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