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I sometimes hear from people that they miss their loved ones so much and they wish they could hear from them, but they are not receiving their messages or their loved ones aren’t communicating with them.

I wanted to share with you some tips about how your loved one may be communicating with you.

First, know that when we are very emotional, it can be difficult for them to get through to us.

One reason it is suggested that we meditate and ground our energy before communicating directly with spirit is that we are raising our vibration or energy.

Spirit lowers their frequency or vibration to meet ours to make the communication easier.

A frequent way that spirit gets my attention is by affecting my physical energy. I may all of a sudden feel jittery, or feel a heightened sense of my energy, as if I’ve had a lot of caffeine.

I find myself focusing within at these times and asking if I am connecting with a spirit. Next I may hear the voice of someone’s loved one who passed over and wishes to relay a message.

Sending us thoughts is a common way for spirit to communicate with us. This is a form of clairaudience or inner hearing.

The spirit talks with us through our own inner thoughts. I often will also get a feeling of the spirit’s personality and the tone of the voice may feel quieter or more intense depending on the spirit’s temperament.

At a public reading in December I heard inwardly both brother and skateboarding. Later I understood why. The couple before me had lost a son when he was a boy and he wanted to validate the circumstances of his passing as well as give a message to his brother.

Our loved ones may also come to us in our dreams with a visitation. They may appear younger or more vibrant than when they passed, but often the dream has a very real or vivid quality to it.

Other ways spirit can communicate is through a song we may hear on the radio, a bird or butterfly, electronics or lights, or special objects that had meaning to them or us when they were in the physical.

If you find yourself suddenly thinking of a loved one who has passed, it may very well be that he/she is trying to let you know of his/her presence or wishes to send you a loving or validating message.

While our loved ones continue to grow and develop while in spirit, they are also very aware of us and often wish to help or guide us in our lives.

Their love for us is eternal and their understanding of life and what is most important becomes even clearer to them on the other side with the help of their own spiritual teachers and guides.


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