Changing Beliefs and Emotions

“You have great resources of talent and ability locked up, within you, just waiting to be expressed.”  Bob Proctor

Changing beliefs emotions









The other day I found myself starting to get stressed about an upcoming deadline and doing some unfamiliar tasks that I feared would take too much time or end up with me feeling overwhelmed.

I usually dislike doing anything remotely technical online and I often get frustrated at the length of time it takes me to figure out these things.

I could feel my emotions changing and my anxiety growing.

I knew that it was important to pay attention to it, but also to get past it. I also knew that the answer was to stop delaying the task and get started as I had a limited amount of time to get it done. I disliked the feeling of dread surfacing in me, so

I realized that I needed to use the tools I had learned over the years to shift my energy.

Energy Therapy

I started with saying positive affirmations, but the feeling wouldn’t go away completely. I then began doing EFT (emotional freedom technique) and started tapping on the various points saying to myself my fear of not being able to do these things.

As I tapped,

I noticed the layers of my fears uncovering an even deeper fear of failure or not doing the job well. I then discovered an even deeper fear of being seen


(this task involved marketing myself) and fearing that I wouldn’t be able to deliver what people were looking for.

As I tapped further, I noticed myself calming down and the statements surfacing began to change to more positive beliefs that I could do this and that I was capable.


For added support, as I sat down to the computer, I said a prayer, asking my guides and angels to help me accomplish what I needed to do with grace and ease. Prayer always has an immediate calming affect on me. It grounds and centers me in the moment.


Staying Present to Your Emotions

By facing my fears of inadequacy rather than ignoring them or pushing them aside, I was able to work more efficiently and calmly. Much like Bob Proctor’s quotation above, I began to unlock the truth of my potential.

Shifting Beliefs

Like the clients I coach, I use these tools to shift my beliefs and stay present with my feelings. As I encountered some minor challenges, I was able to search for the answers online and resolve them easily.

Do I always remember to use these tools? No, I don’t and I can get stuck or reduce my capacity for flowing through the moment and feeling true joy.

A Shift in Energy


It’s like the saying goes, we teach what we need to learn, and I needed more practice to shift my beliefs. In the end, I finished my tasks without feelings of overwhelm or frustration by remembering to connect within.

Afterwards, as I looked at the result, I actually felt inspired, relieved and encouraged that I was taking a small step toward accomplishing my goals.


I could feel my energy lighten and I actually felt joy.

Would I have felt this if I had proceeded to forge ahead with my anxious feelings and dread? Not likely, because I’ve done this many times before and even though I get things done, I often end up feeling frustrated and stressed.

I started realizing how often I push myself to do things that aren’t second nature for me.


I was forgetting to ask for divine assistance.

It was such a relief to feel joy and it was revealing to me how I sometimes block my own potential with my fears and doubts. When I do this, I notice that my energy diminishes and I’m not tapped into Source; I’ve blocked the flow.


I’m learning to be more patient and loving with myself and as I do, I’m seeing how I’m letting in more joy.

The amazing thing is that joy really is there always waiting for us, but it sometimes is disguised as what seems like a challenge.



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