10 Keys to Trusting Divine Guidance

Divine Guidance

Divine Guidance is as natural as listening to our own inner voice. That’s because our inner voice is connected to our divine self.

Most of us may think when we first start opening up to our intuition, spirit guides, angels, or our own soul’s guidance that it is going to be something attention-getting, maybe even awe-inspiring or out-of-this world seeming.


More often, our guidance is subtle, like a whisper in our ear, an inner voice, a feeling, a physical sensation, a gut feeling, or a knowing.


In actuality, while these things can and do happen, most often

Divine guidance, which includes messages and information from:

  • our own soul
  • Source/God,
  • Higher Self,
  • guides, angels,
  • loved ones on the other side

After 18 years of purposefully following divine guidance in my own life and after doing  many, many readings for others since 2003, I’ve found that intuition or divine guidance is simpler to access than we think.

It was never meant to be something that was difficult or complicated to connect to.

It comes to us in those quiet moments of our day, when we may be driving, doing chores or tasks that allow our minds to take a rest and go within.


We have access to it 24/7.


It feels like our own inner voice because it is. It doesn’t come from outside ourselves, it comes from within our own being.

The difference between between guidance that is from our ego and from spirit is how it makes us feel. Our ego compares, worries, and distrusts.

Our spirit uplifts, inspires, loves, and brings calm and inner peace.

Divine Guidance

10 Keys to distinguish Divine Guidance

1.  It is direct and to the point. We don’t have to look far and wide. The guidance is on a wavelength we can hear when we slow down and listen within.

2.  It uplifts, inspires and encourages. It never criticizes or promotes worry or self-doubt.

3.  It provides practical suggestions we can actually do. Even if we are given a vision of something that may take several years to materialize, it gives us the next doable step to take, such as make contact with someone, read a book, make a phone call, sign up for a class, start writing, etc.

4.  We notice that when we follow it, we eventually start feeling better and our lives improve.

5.  The guidance will suggest ways to treat ourselves well, treat others as equals, and do what we love.

6.  It points us in the direction that keeps us in alignment with our soul’s purpose, raise our vibration, and are in the natural flow of our lives. We aren’t struggling to make ourselves be something. We allow ourselves to be.

7.  It highlights our own natural gifts, talents and skills. True guidance suggests that we continue using our gifts in ways that benefit others. It doesn’t encourage us to seek fame or riches, but it does encourage us to follow our heart and trust.

8.  It enhances our lives and theirs. Our true guidance focuses on improving our own lives and on serving others with love.

9.  Divine guidance encourages us to make needed changes for the better. Even if we feel afraid or uncertain, we are encouraged to take steps to get us unstuck, transform ourselves, and change situations or relationships that are not for our highest good.

10. We feel a certain rightness or truth about the guidance. There is ultimately a feeling of peace and harmony that comes with higher guidance. If we feel fear about following it, it’s a sign that inner blocks need healing and releasing to help us take these steps. We do not need to be perfect or have our lives in perfect order before we follow our guidance.

Remember, the more you allow yourself to be quiet within and listen, the more you will hear divine guidance.

We all have equal access to it. By taking time to reflect and quiet the doubting and critical mind, we flip the on switch like a light filling a darkened room. Our own divine guidance then lights the way forward.


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