What is Your Passion?








I love a good bargain. Last week I as at the library with my son Henry and found a great book for only $2.50: The Mom’s Guide to Running a Business: Strategies for Work Success and Family Balance.

It’s full of inspirational stories about women entrepreneurs who started their businesses when they were raising a family and have juggled the demands of growing kid and businesses.

They took risks and followed their passions and their kids have grown up often involved in their mothers’ work. Though it hasn’t been easy, the women speak of how fulfilling it’s been to do work they love yet also be raising a family. I’ve found their stories inspiring and relatable.

I know my passion is supporting people to live their dreams and do what they love. I truly love reading and learning about ways to stay motivated, positive, and focused on my goals.

I enjoy learning about healing and overcoming limiting blocks to live a more fulfilling life. I get fired up coaching my clients to see a bigger vision of who they are and to open their hearts and minds.

What are your loves? What keeps you up late at night? Whom would you love to interview or shadow during their work day? Who inspires you?

I’m so inspired by these women. I know I’ll be checking out their websites to see some of their work. Also, the back of the book has a terrific resources list with several women’s business organizations and books, magazines, and websites about having your own business.



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