This was the most thorough and accurate reading I have ever had.

This was the most thorough and accurate reading I have ever had. The details were very specific.

A few months ago, I dreamed of a close friend who passed away a year earlier. The one thing I vividly remember about our conversation in the dream was her advice that I continue teaching.

Your reading on Saturday reminded me of this guidance from my friend and another intuitive that I consulted in New Orleans three years ago.

I gained more insight into my own soul this weekend from your reading and I know it was exactly what I needed to hear.

Janet S., Event Planner
Vista, CA

I feel uplifted as I haven't for years and years.


I feel uplifted as I haven't for years and years. Your clear vision combined with coaching was exactly what I sooooo needed. I have a feeling I was guided to ask for your help. And thank goodness I listened!

Thank you, and all the best to you. Take good care.

Ellen, Teacher-Librarian

A sacred experience...

My reading with Jeannette was the most awesome, sacred experience of my life.  Jeannette gathered evidence from Terry that proved it beyond a doubt. Through her gentle, natural way, I came to tears of joy and amazement, realizing I really was communicating with my dearest love who died six years ago. I thought I’d never hear from her again. This mediumship was a sacred communion that left me grateful, ecstatic, peaceful, and elevated, knowing my beloved is totally happy and free.

Di Lemon, Life Coach

I can't thank you enough...

I can't thank you enough Jeannette. I woke up today feeling super excited and motivated for what has yet to unfold as I felt so much love and support from my Dad and Spirit Guides.

Thank you for doing the work that you do to connect people. It's an honorable and special quality that you hold and I admire your ability to share it with others.

Cynthia Balgatas
Bay Area, CA

Jeannette is a gift to the universe.

I knew that I needed confidence and emotional strength, and after hearing Jeannette speak at an expo, her story touched my heart. I specifically chose her because of the appeal of her many intuitive gifts. Jeannette is a good listener who can with a few chosen words touch areas where I need to heal. I am so happy that I found a coach who can be part of my team for finding the path to wellness. Jeannette is a gift to the universe.

Connie Hegey
El Cajon, CA

I highly recommend coaching with Jeannette to transform your life!

I feel truly blessed to coach with Jeannette! As a coach who does soul-centered work, I have found coaching with Jeannette to be invaluable personally and professionally. She not only provides me valuable guidance in making business decisions and in my relationships, but even more important, she is teaching me how to tap into and trust my own intuition so that I can get answers and guidance from my inner guru. I highly, highly recommend coaching with Jeannette to transform your life!
Tanya Penny
Abundance Catalyst & Freedom Coach, Sedona, AZ

With Jeannette's support I have been able to acknowledge that it is OK to move on...

I have worked with Jeannette for a several years intermittently.  At first I was curious as to how life coaching would be as compared to counseling. It was quickly apparent that life coaching was about getting on with my life as opposed to counseling which seemed to be rehashing old issues from the past.

With Jeannette's support I have been able to acknowledge that it is OK to move on, have boundaries, and take better care of myself.

Having access to Jeannette with her skills and expertise were invaluable to me when sorting through a crisis. Now as life unfolds, I have a professional to turn to who can guide me through a tough patch of time. I have found Jeannette to be empathetic, quite intuitive and having expertise in her field; a person who can offer stability and direction when one may not feel too stable at all.

Linda Hodgin
Orange County, CA

I literally felt like I could achieve anything I wanted to bring into my life...

I had the privilege of working with Jeannette for an IET healing session.  Our session took place during a time of transition for me as I was needing guidance on next steps and healing to be able to move forward with starting my own business.  The combination of IET's powerful healing energy and Jeanette's gentleness and authenticity in her approach as well as her healing touch left me feeling secure, empowered, and encouraged. 

Immediately following my session, I literally felt like I could achieve anything I wanted to bring into my life.  I would highly recommend an IET session with Jeannette.  She's patient, a good listener and offers helpful intuitive insight and healing energy that will motivate you on your path.  This session was important for me as I move forward with my business.   Thank you, Jeannette for helping me.


Jeannette's gifts are extraordinary; I wish everyone could experience her brilliance.

I have worked with Jeannette many times with readings, meditation, classes, and grief counseling. Her intuitive abilities are exceptional. She is able to see and hear information through her that she would have no other way of knowing, confirming her gifts.

I have used her intuitive guidance to help me have the courage to take bold steps in my personal life and career; I have been so thankful for the advice. Whenever I meditate with Jeannette, I tend to have very brilliant and colorful dreams that night.

Jeannette is a very kind and humble woman. I believe it is her humility that allows her to see and hear all that the spiritual guides try to communicate to her. Her gifts are extraordinary; I wish everyone could experience her brilliance."


Kim Shea, Ownner of a Medical Billing Company
Carlsbad, CA

I feel a renewed sense of purpose and joy.

Thank you for the Grief Intuitive and Coaching Sessions. The passing of someone I had lost touch with many years ago brought up such heart ache and regret it was difficult for me to focus and understand why I was hurting so much. The Grief Intuitive Session and subsequent coaching session helped me to heal and release some childhood grief/pain (that I thought was cleared up) and open up to my authentic self.

I am very grateful and feel a renewed sense of purpose and joy. You are a truly gifted, compassionate Angel/Light worker.

Julie Anglin, Artist and Teacher
Largo, Florida

I am so excited my heart’s desires are going to come true.

Wow! Thank you so much for the Career Intuitive Session.  The guidance you gave me is so right on for who I am. It is wonderful to have a daily routine with specifics now.

This session was much more than I usually get from my intuition. I can see forward and I am not afraid. Also the confirmation that my love for drawing and the piano should be pursued and not ignored was spot on. Since you brought it to my attention I realized that even though I have barely pursued those interests still over the years several times it has come to my mind that I long to play the piano and draw. And that you got that I had let go of drawing and piano playing because I was very critical about my drawing and piano playing, wow.

Thank you so much for getting these messages for me. I am so excited, this is so me.Thank you for the clarity of focus and helping me get past my fears.

Meg S.
Joshua Tree, California

Thanks to Jeannette, I was able to hear a new message direct from my departed mother.

I deeply appreciate the communication that I received through you from my mother, who left this physical world 29 years ago. She left by the way of suicide. At that time, I received neither counseling nor support from anyone. I simply concluded that she was in so much pain that she wanted to leave. Thanks to you, I was able to hear a new message direct from her. She gave me a message of support and encouragement, and told me to be all that I am meant to be.

I want to also thank you for the guidance that you gave me to open up communications on my own. I want to learn to speak to my mother, as grievance intuitive counseling is so important. I really felt your inner patience, kindness, and willingness to respond to my question. Your ability to share your story as well, enabled me to understand my path in a new light. For a short time, I felt that I was not alone.

I think that you are very talented, good at what you do, and truly felt like I was in the hands of a professional.

Connie H.
El Cajon, California

Jeannette has a very positive and encouraging way of dealing with guidance that involves needed changes.

You are obviously meant (and made) to do this grief intuitive work, along with all of the other intuitive work that you do.

You brought her energy through clear as a bell. The manner in which you described the images and guidance made them very salient and connected to my life. You easily drew out further meaning, or clarified any images or messages that might not immediately be clear to me.

You excel at bringing through the nuances and details of guidance. It is obvious that you have put much positive energy and intention into honing your gifts.

You have a very positive and encouraging way of dealing with guidance that involves needed changes. It’s like you are able to bring through the energy of possibility behind this guidance, not just the mere words of the guidance.

You also clearly express a deep sense of compassion and healing intent. I felt I could bring up difficult questions or issues that I had hesitated to deal with in other contexts (even other professional intuitives). I believe your clear, compassionate energy make your sessions very powerful, because in the context of your compassion and healing energy your clients will be able to go to places internally that they sometimes might not otherwise easily bear to go.

You are a truly gifted intuitive and advisor. Our session was healing and of great comfort to me. I definitely felt a deep release of some of my previously unacknowledged grief during the 24 hours after our session. Those you share your practice with are lucky to receive your abundant light and awareness.

H. M., Lawyer
Ontario, Canada

A missing piece of the puzzle came together for me.

Thank you so much for the marvelous career intuitive reading. A missing piece of the puzzle came together for me. It feels like it’s come to the surface now. I have been writing little bits of information from you and look forward to receiving your notes! It feels so light and so wonderful. I’m elated!

Beth E.
Vancouver, Washington

This has been an exhilarating experience for me and would recommend it to anyone.

I have to say after spending an hour with Jeannette going over my intuitive career reading I was amazed. It was clear after the first few minutes that she knows what she is doing both with her number reading and the information she shared from her guides. She helped me clarify that I have chosen the right path, and what I should concentrate my energy on moving forward. This has been an exhilarating experience for me and would recommend it to anyone.

Karla Bell CHt, NLP Life Coach
Pine Valley, California

Jeannette's reading was the best I have had in years!

Hi Jeannette! ‘Wow’ what else can I say, that is without doubt the best reading that I have had in years. Jeannette, everything that you said in my reading was spot on, thank you so much.

Toronto, Canada

I highly, highly recommend Jeannette as an excellent Intuitive Career Coach

Thank you SO MUCH Jeannette! You are amazing! As I am lucky enough to have had an Angel Reading by Jeanette before, I am aware of her great intuitive talent and her ability to tune in to her Guides & Angels and to really listen to and understand what they are communicating to her.

The combination of her natural intuitive abilities, her compassion, her education and her ability to communicate both with her intuitive abilities and with her clients, and her considerable knowledge of Numerology is an unbeatable combination. She is able to explain Numerology in a concise & simple manner and to express the results she has found in a very organized and detailed manner.

She is right on. She tuned into me and my heart and the things which have been blocking me for many years. She gave excellent advice on how to break through those blocks now, and not waste any more time, but to be able to get on the right life path which I should be on now. Her suggestions were not overwhelming, but simple step by step examples and encouragement. She delivers the information in such a caring manner that I could not help but be very touched and impressed and enlightened by it.

I highly, highly recommend her as an excellent Intuitive Career Coach to anyone who needs some guidance and is ready to hear it. I believe that Jeannette is very capable of guiding them onto the right path of fulfillment and happiness in their lives, as I feel she has done for me. I am very grateful to have had this reading from Jeannette.

Donna Schultz
Escondido, California

I know now what steps I need to take to express the true me

Thank you again for your time and incredible gift of intuition and guidance surrounded by love. I have and continue to grow and it really has helped me know what steps to take to express the true me in a career and not feel so trapped in the stepping stone career I am in now.

Erin C.
Orange County, California

I'm really impressed with your ability.

This is so helpful. Wow, you have a gift! I’m really impressed with your ability. Truly you are amazing! I so appreciate what you do.

Abby Gooch, Inspirational Speaker, Author & Intuitive

I feel inspired to keep going on my path

I just wanted to say thanks very much for the reading which was very accurate and confirmed some of my recent intuitions, many of which my ego had been blocking! Your message has given me a lot of comfort and confidence in my future and I feel inspired to keep going on my path. So thanks once again.

Steve C.
Melbourne, Australia

Jeannette is profoundly clairvoyant!

Thank you very much for the reading. You have hit a few “nails on the head” so to speak. You really were bang on with a lot of this. Thanks so much for doing this reading for me. You have a wonderful ability. You ARE profoundly clairvoyant!

Ontario, Canada

Jeannette is amazing...

Thank You Jeannette, you are amazing and I so appreciate your openness and gifts. I appreciate the support and the nudge.

Cy P.
La Jolla, CA

Jeannette has an amazing ability...

Thank you very much for your reading. Tears are coming out of my eyes when I am reading your warm reading. You have an amazing ability as a psychic and I am very happy to receive the reading from you.

Mayumi S.
Melbourne, Australia