Ignite Your Intuitive Connections

For Heart-Centered Healers, Coaches, and Entrepreneurs

Are you Ready to Receive Divine Guidance for Your Clients, Your Business, & Your Life?

Ignite Your Intuitive Connections:
Intuition Development for Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs

  • Do you desire to learn how to use your Intuition to access accurate, helpful information for your clients that validates and empowers them in their life decisions and healing or coaching work with you?
  • Would you like to learn how to tap into your Inner Guidance for direction in your business and your relationships?
  • Do you wish you could more consistently trust your guidance and act on its messages?
  • Are you ready to access a deep and powerful support team of spirit guides and angels who have your back 24/7?

angel-statueHi, I’m Jeannette Hill, Intuitive Counselor and Soul Purpose Coach. I was certified by Doreen Virtue as an Angel Therapy Practitioner in 2003 to give Angel Readings and use Angel Therapy techniques to assist clients in their personal growth and healing.

I’ve done Intuitive Readings and Coaching Sessions for hundreds of clients since then.

Doing so many Intuitive Readings has shown me the power of Divine Guidance both in my own life and that of my clients.

For 28 years, I had no awareness that I was intuitive. In 2004 I started working as a professional Intuitive with my first paid client in the first month I opened my practice.

Access Divine Guidance and Ignite Your Business
& Your Life

  • Gain greater insight into your client’s emotional healing
  • Receive guidance about their Soul’s Purpose
  • Know their Gifts & Talents
  • See their Heart’s Desires

Statements I’ve Recently Heard from my Clients:

“The reading resonated 150%.”

“That was so validating.

“I feel so inspired and excited about my future!”

Your Divine support team of Guides and Angels is Ready to help support
you in your career, health, relationships, and prosperity.

Receiving Divine Guidance is something Everyone Can Do.

Ignite Your Intuitive Connections:
Intuition Development for Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs

Wednesdays, June 4- July 23, 2014  11am-12:30pm PST

In this 7 Week Virtual Program You will:

  • Module 1: Learn Step-by-Step Techniques for consistently Inviting, Recognizing, and Trusting Intuitive Guidance for Yourself and Your Clients
  • Module 2: Identify 4 Types of Intuitive Guidance and How You Uniquely Receive Guidance
  • Module 3: Learn simple Angel Therapy techniques you can use to help your clients physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually
  • Module 4: Discover How to stay Grounded, Clear and Balanced while receiving and delivering Intuitive Guidance
  • Module 5: Learn Key Steps to Identify and Interpret Messages from Spirit for yourself and your clients
  • Module 6: Discover how to ask for guidance about your Client’s Soul Purpose, Gifts & Talents, Heart’s Desires, Emotional Healing, and Next Steps
  • Module 7: Learn how Energy, Free Will, and Intention affect Guidance and potential choices.

Your Coaching Program Includes:

  • 2 45 minute Individual Coaching Sessions with Jeannette
  • Your Numerology Life Path Number & Personal Year Explained in Your Private Coaching Session that highlights your Unique Gifts & Soul’s Purpose
  • 7 90 minute Live Group Coaching Calls
  • 3 Downloadable MP3 Meditations: Connecting to Source, Meet Your Guides & Angels, and Asking for Divine Guidance
  • Weekly PDF Handouts, Charts, and Checklists
  • An Intuitive Soul Sister to practice weekly exercises to integrate and inhabit what you are learning
  • A Private Facebook page to receive Guidance and Support from both me and your classmates

BONUS CALL: Wed. Aug 27, 2014 11am -12:30pm PST

Live Group Coaching Call: Powerful Intuitive Messages for Your Clients

On this Live Group Call, I’ll answer your questions and give you coaching on your Intuition Development and your implementation of the techniques and tools learned in this class.

Individual Coaching Sessions

You will receive 2- 45 minute Individual Coaching Sessions with me. I will share your Numerological Life Path and Personal year information. We will also focus on areas of support you need in developing your intuitive abilities and its practical application to your work with your clients, business, and life decisions.

Group Coaching Calls w/ Dates

8 Group Coaching calls will be 11:00am to 12:30 pm Pacific Time on the Following Dates:

June and July 2014: 6/4, 6/11, 6/18, 6/25, 7/9, 7/16, 7/23, 8/27. Each call includes teaching, practice of techniques, Q & A, and Coaching. Live Participation is strongly encouraged for best results. If you cannot make a class, you will receive downloadable MP3 Recordings of each Call.

Ignite Your Intuitive Connections:
Intuition Development for Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs

Make 1 Payment of $697


Pay Over Time
2 Monthly Payments of $389

What Jeannette’s Clients Say

Jeannette's gifts are extraordinary; I wish everyone could experience her brilliance.

I have worked with Jeannette many times with readings, meditation, classes, and grief counseling. Her intuitive abilities are exceptional. She is able to see and hear information through her that she would have no other way of knowing, confirming her gifts.

I have used her intuitive guidance to help me have the courage to take bold steps in my personal life and career; I have been so thankful for the advice. Whenever I meditate with Jeannette, I tend to have very brilliant and colorful dreams that night.

Jeannette is a very kind and humble woman. I believe it is her humility that allows her to see and hear all that the spiritual guides try to communicate to her. Her gifts are extraordinary; I wish everyone could experience her brilliance."


Kim Shea, Ownner of a Medical Billing Company
Carlsbad, CA

I highly recommend coaching with Jeannette to transform your life!

I feel truly blessed to coach with Jeannette! As a coach who does soul-centered work, I have found coaching with Jeannette to be invaluable personally and professionally. She not only provides me valuable guidance in making business decisions and in my relationships, but even more important, she is teaching me how to tap into and trust my own intuition so that I can get answers and guidance from my inner guru. I highly, highly recommend coaching with Jeannette to transform your life!
Tanya Penny
Abundance Catalyst & Freedom Coach, Sedona, AZ

Jeannette is a gift to the universe.

I knew that I needed confidence and emotional strength, and after hearing Jeannette speak at an expo, her story touched my heart. I specifically chose her because of the appeal of her many intuitive gifts. Jeannette is a good listener who can with a few chosen words touch areas where I need to heal. I am so happy that I found a coach who can be part of my team for finding the path to wellness. Jeannette is a gift to the universe.

Connie Hegey
El Cajon, CA

With Jeannette's support I have been able to acknowledge that it is OK to move on...

I have worked with Jeannette for a several years intermittently.  At first I was curious as to how life coaching would be as compared to counseling. It was quickly apparent that life coaching was about getting on with my life as opposed to counseling which seemed to be rehashing old issues from the past.

With Jeannette's support I have been able to acknowledge that it is OK to move on, have boundaries, and take better care of myself.

Having access to Jeannette with her skills and expertise were invaluable to me when sorting through a crisis. Now as life unfolds, I have a professional to turn to who can guide me through a tough patch of time. I have found Jeannette to be empathetic, quite intuitive and having expertise in her field; a person who can offer stability and direction when one may not feel too stable at all.

Linda Hodgin
Orange County, CA



jeannette-hill-closeupJeannette Hill, MA is an Intuitive Spiritual Counselor and Soul Purpose Coach. She has a master’s degree in Transpersonal Psychology, holds certifications as a Career Intuitive, Grief Intuitive, and Soul Mate Intuitive Coach, Angel Therapy Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, and Integrated Energy Therapy Practitioner. Her passion is helping others feel more empowered to live guided by their Intuition, Divine guidance and Spiritual connection.