Mediumship Readings

Mediumship Readings to hear messages from your loved ones in Spirit.  

I connect to Spirit and share the Divine messages from your loved ones.

These sessions are profound and open the heart.Your loved ones are aware of you and your family. They wish to convey their love and the evidence of their life in Spirit.

Losing someone you love touches you in the deepest places of your heart and soul.

Spirit wants you to know that you are loved and watched over in your life.


Readings by Phone or In Person $150 for a 60 min. reading. $75 for 30 min. reading.

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I feel a renewed sense of purpose and joy.

Thank you for the Grief Intuitive and Coaching Sessions. The passing of someone I had lost touch with many years ago brought up such heart ache and regret it was difficult for me to focus and understand why I was hurting so much. The Grief Intuitive Session and subsequent coaching session helped me to heal and release some childhood grief/pain (that I thought was cleared up) and open up to my authentic self.

I am very grateful and feel a renewed sense of purpose and joy. You are a truly gifted, compassionate Angel/Light worker.

Julie Anglin, Artist and Teacher
Largo, Florida

Thanks to Jeannette, I was able to hear a new message direct from my departed mother.

I deeply appreciate the communication that I received through you from my mother, who left this physical world 29 years ago. She left by the way of suicide. At that time, I received neither counseling nor support from anyone. I simply concluded that she was in so much pain that she wanted to leave. Thanks to you, I was able to hear a new message direct from her. She gave me a message of support and encouragement, and told me to be all that I am meant to be.

I want to also thank you for the guidance that you gave me to open up communications on my own. I want to learn to speak to my mother, as grievance intuitive counseling is so important. I really felt your inner patience, kindness, and willingness to respond to my question. Your ability to share your story as well, enabled me to understand my path in a new light. For a short time, I felt that I was not alone.

I think that you are very talented, good at what you do, and truly felt like I was in the hands of a professional.

Connie H.
El Cajon, California

Jeannette has a very positive and encouraging way of dealing with guidance that involves needed changes.

You are obviously meant (and made) to do this grief intuitive work, along with all of the other intuitive work that you do.

You brought her energy through clear as a bell. The manner in which you described the images and guidance made them very salient and connected to my life. You easily drew out further meaning, or clarified any images or messages that might not immediately be clear to me.

You excel at bringing through the nuances and details of guidance. It is obvious that you have put much positive energy and intention into honing your gifts.

You have a very positive and encouraging way of dealing with guidance that involves needed changes. It’s like you are able to bring through the energy of possibility behind this guidance, not just the mere words of the guidance.

You also clearly express a deep sense of compassion and healing intent. I felt I could bring up difficult questions or issues that I had hesitated to deal with in other contexts (even other professional intuitives). I believe your clear, compassionate energy make your sessions very powerful, because in the context of your compassion and healing energy your clients will be able to go to places internally that they sometimes might not otherwise easily bear to go.

You are a truly gifted intuitive and advisor. Our session was healing and of great comfort to me. I definitely felt a deep release of some of my previously unacknowledged grief during the 24 hours after our session. Those you share your practice with are lucky to receive your abundant light and awareness.

H. M., Lawyer
Ontario, Canada