About Jeannette


After my spiritual awakening in my twenties, I was compelled to understand and integrate spiritual practice and divine guidance in my life. 

I began learning about and engaging in psychological and spiritual healing and empowerment both professionally and personally.

I completed trainings in Reiki and Integrated Energy Therapy as well as hypnotherapy, life coaching, and past life regression. I also have a Master’s degree in Transpersonal Psychology (a psychology with a spiritual emphasis).

In 2004, after completing my master’s degree, and certifications as a  hypnotherapist, life coach, and Doreen Virtue’s Angel Therapy Practitioner certification, I began my practice as a professional Intuitive.

My path has included not only many trainings with intuitives, mediums and spiritual teachers such as Sonia Choquette, Sue Frederick, Tony Stockwell, Andy Byng, and Mavis Pittilla but also my own personal and spiritual growth.

My passion is delivering messages from Spirit and teaching about how Divine guidance and connection empowers our lives.

In my readings and coaching my desire is that you know that you have Divine support and a spiritual purpose.

The focus of my readings is to connect you to your spiritual team of guides and departed loved ones as well as to empower you through gaining a better understanding of your soul’s gifts, lessons and purpose.

In our work together, my clients have a direct experience of their own potential, transformation, healing, soul’s purpose, and life direction. Often it is our own self-doubts, fears and lack of self-validation that impede our progress. Spirit witnesses and validates that which is sacred and significant in our lives. These validations come through in the readings I do.

Having a spiritual connection and integrating practices such as meditation, trusting intuition, and accessing spiritual guidance brings greater inner peace, balance and empowerment to our lives.

My prayer many years ago was to be shown my own purpose. I am very blessed that this is to support and guide others in their own spiritual connection, growth, and soul’s purpose.

I currently live in Portland, Oregon with my husband and my two children.