10 Ways Spirit Communicates with Us

Ways Spirit Connects with Us

Spirit, whether we are aware or not, is an essential part of life. My belief is that Spirit is infused in all of life.

While I’ve always believed in God and angels, it wasn’t until 1999, when I first read Sonia Choquette’s book A Psychic Pathway and Doreen Virtue’s Divine Guidance, that I realized we have spirit guides as well.

These and other books I read sparked in me a drive to learn all I could about how Spirit guides our lives. I entered a period of great awakening to a world I had been partially asleep to. I had been raised Christian, expanded and changed these beliefs in my 20s, and further expanded them when at the age of 28 I began reading books on near death experiences and psychic or intuitive abilities. I went from thinking these abilities were wrong to understanding that we are all naturally intuitive.

While in graduate school for psychology I continued to take classes and read many, many books on this subject. I also began meditating and opening up to an inner exploration of myself.

When I made the leap to do doing readings in 2003 and then doing them professionally in 2004,

I began to know firsthand that Spirit was in the very fabric of our everyday lives.

I was given a front row seat to how much our guides and angels knew about the most pressing issues in our lives and how much we were supported and helped.

It felt as if someone had told me Santa was real and I could believe in things that before seemed like wishful thinking. Even though I would continue to go through challenging times over the next several years, Spirit would prove to me time and again that we are not alone.

We are all born with a spirit guide or guides and guardian angels.

Ways Angels Connect with Us

10 Ways Spirit Communicates in Our Lives

  1. Dreams: A common way our loved ones or even guides appear to us is in our nighttime dreams. After my father passed several years ago he began appearing in my dreams clearly showing he was sorry for how he’d been when he raised me.

I’ve also had clients’ loved ones appear to me in dreams the day before their scheduled reading. A recent loved one made it very clear to me his height and hair color as well as a significant message he wanted to convey to my client.

Perhaps you’ve noticed that message dreams seem especially clear and poignant. This is one way our loved ones or guides can get our attention when our conscious mind is relaxed and we become more receptive to guidance in our dreams.


2. Signs and Symbols: Spirit often likes to get our attention through metaphor or symbols. Butterflies, animals, nature signs, coins, and other signs are another type of message. One way my guides validate my intuition is through license plates or signs on cars or trucks. I’ve had several of these and I always am pleasantly surprised by this acknowledgment.

Once when I used to live in the Bay Area, I saw a license plate holder that said Angel Motors twice in over a 1 week period. I had lived there for 10 years and had never seen this name on a license plate. I had been praying for signs and knew this was confirmation.


3. Physical Sensations: You may notice shivers, gut feelings, heart flutters, or other body sensations as confirmation. Often when I’m doing readings I will get goosebumps as a validation for my client. When I’m doing mediumship readings the other side will sometimes give me a tightness in my chest or difficulty breathing momentarily to signify how they passed.


4. Visions or Inner Pictures: This may be seen as your imagination, but your inner vision is another type of communication from Spirit known as clairvoyance. I am always given inner pictures of my clients’ lives every time I give a reading. I’m often shown flashbacks from their past and visions of their future dreams, desires, or goals.


5. Music: Have you ever noticed a particular song playing on the radio or in a store that seems to have meaning to your life? I’ve had this happen when I’m going through significant life changes. It’s another hello from Spirit.

Spirit also likes to give me songs that are meaningful to my clients. During one of my readings a loved one gave my client the name of a song he had on his ipod. She later confirmed that this song was on it.


6. Books, tv, or magazines: When I was in my late 20s, trying to decide whether or not to go to graduate school in Transpersonal Psychology, I prayed for confirmation. That afternoon I was guided to open a book in a local bookstore to the exact page that mentioned a woman in her 20s deciding to get her master’s degree in Transpersonal Psychology at the same school I was contemplating. It was written on the very first page I opened.

Many times we are guided to read books or watch shows or movies that have some parallel to our lives. One time I was doing a reading for a young woman whose sister had died as a young child. This sister in Spirit gave me the line of a poem to tell her living sister. My client gasped saying that she had just read this line of poetry the day before. Spirit will use whatever way it can to get our attention. Even something as simple as a line in a book.


7. Other People: I think Spirit knows when professional intuitives or psychics are available because I’ve been prompted to give impromptu messages many times. While I never am intrusive, there are times when I suspect someone is open that I’ve delivered a message. Once at a dinner following a class for past life regression I was talking to a fellow classmate about what I do.

Very suddenly I told her that I felt her grandpa was with us. When I asked her why I wanted to say Frank she told me, “because that was his name.”

Spirit may be guiding you to be a messenger with a loving gesture or kind word. I believe this happens all the time and we just don’t realize it. I’m sure you can think of times when someone told you how much what you said or did meant to them. Spirit loves to intervene in this way to be of assistance and help us and them.


8. Our Own Thoughts: I know this can seem confusing because you’re wondering, “How do I tell the difference?” Well, when the advice feels right and good, it doesn’t truly matter. However, our guides can influence us in a positive direction through our own thoughts.

Here’s a quick example. Many years ago I was doing readings at an expo in San Francisco. A man sat down for a reading and I immediately asked him what Santa Fe meant. He said that he was contemplating a trip there. I then heard to tell him he was an artist and something was stored there. He confirmed that although he worked as an architect he loved sculpting and was storing his sculptures in Santa Fe.

I told him that Spirit was validating for him that this trip was important and that he was being guided to get his art out of storage and let it be seen by others. His idea to visit Santa Fe wasn’t just a passing thought. It was related to his purpose and what would bring him great joy as well as others.


9. Feelings and Emotions: Can you recall a time when you had an uncomfortable feeling about a person or situation and you were right? These are warning messages to be careful or avoid a potentially dangerous or harmful situation.

We can also have positive feelings. A typical response I hear from clients after relaying a message about their purpose and their gifts is, “I thought that was a fantasy or wishful thinking.” I know that after doing hundreds of readings over the years, Spirit would never tell me to convey a message to you if it was just ‘wishful thinking.’

Your repeated thoughts of something you’d like to do is likely connected to your purpose. The ego likes to imagine becoming rich and famous or noticed. The spirit encourages us to listen within and follow our guidance. If we do become wealthy or famous, it would be for the greater purpose of helping others in some way.


10. Synchronicity These are times that may seem like coincidence but something extraordinary or fortunate happens that feels beyond normal circumstances. Remember the book I mentioned earlier, the one I opened after asking for a sign about graduate school? That book is titled, There are No Accidents: Synchronicity and the Stories of Our Lives.

I met my current husband as a freshman in college. The professor assigned another student in our group to give a presentation to the class. She never showed up for the two classes we were to meet. I’d never noticed him before we were in our group of two. Interesting how life works out.

I believe life is a combination of free will and Divine orchestration. There are likely many times in life when Spirit is lending a helping hand that we never know about. One of my greatest wishes in doing this work is that more people would know they are Divinely guided and unconditionally loved.


No one is ever truly alone in his or her life journey, no matter what the circumstances.

Spirit is just a thought away, closer than we often realize, ever ready to give love and guidance.

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10 Ways Spirit Communicates with Us — 12 Comments

  1. Jeanette, I really enjoyed your blog post on Spirit and Spirit Guides. Although I didn’t grow up “religious”, I find that the traditional or fundamental Judeo/Christian narrative is very much a part of the fabric of our culture. So, when I first began to have more personal communications with the Spirit world it was unnerving. Now, after cultivating a relationship with the Spirit or Unseen world for years, I feel so enriched for having this connection.

    Recently I visited Cuba. I learned that many Cuban people practice a type of Afro-Cuban spirituality called Santeria. They believe that every person has there own Guardian Spirits that help them in this life and they make offerings. A young Cuban man attributes this wide spread practice is possibly why the Cuban people are so joyful and their spirits haven’t been broken during the past 57 years of extreme difficulty.

    I even attended an initiation ceremony where a high priestess confirmed that my maternal grandmother was my Guardian Spirit. Of course I knew this because I communicate with her regularly!

    Again, thank you for an inspiring post!

    • Thanks for your thoughful comment Alison. I didn’t know this about the Cuban culture, thank you for sharing how they remain joyful despite hardship. I enjoy learning about the spiritual practices of other cultures. It has helped me to see how the Christianity I was raised with was too limiting and confining for me and many others. How wonderful that you have such a close connection with your grandmother as your Guardian Spirit. I too have found this spiritual connection to be very meaningful and important in my life.

  2. Hi Jeannette – I enjoyed reading a little bit about how you got started doing the work you do. I love the story of opening the book to the message about getting your masters in Transpersonal Psychology. It blows my mind when those things happen.

    It is so true that many people would benefit from knowing that they have guides and angels around them, that their loved ones who’ve passed on still exist on another plane, and that they can access all this loving guidance that is waiting for them to open to it. I know this knowledge is spreading – look at the popularity of near death experiences, a phenomenon that had to wait to modern times with our medical advances, to explode the way it has. It’s so exciting. I must say, this whole area is like a rabbit hole to me, I fall in and don’t want to come out. 🙂

  3. I love your rabbit hole analogy Tomar, I feel the same. Interestingly years ago I had a rabbit hole dream in which I went on a long journey. Years later I understood the symbology as my own awakening into my inner world and the spiritual realm. It is an exciting and hopeful time to see so many awakening. Thank you for your comments.

  4. This is so thorough, so many ways for Spirit to communicate with us! You should really write a book; so many people could benefit from your gifts. I love what you wrote about knowing the truth is like someone telling you Santa is real. The truth really is that magical.

    • Thank you Kim for the encouragement to write a book, it has been in my thoughts. Yes, the truth is so much better than I knew and I’m sure yet to still fully understand. I’ve been doing this work for 12 years and still am amazed by the way guides and loved ones reach across the dimensions to contact and guide us. Thank you for your support.

  5. What a wonderful article, Jeannette. I love reading about the many ways we are Loved by Spirit and it is a good reminder to really be open to these Ways. I know that my little mind has been so fast to dismiss many of the signs you write about as a mere coincidence instead of taking it as a true way of communicating by Spirit.
    My best communication is listening to the deeper part inside my body where I am One with Spirit and for some reason that one works really well for me after years of developing that skill and learned to trust it. I will open up to your ways here too and see what Spirit brings 🙂

    • Thanks for your comments Pernilla. I apologize for taking a while to comment but I took a break during the holidays and didn’t realize you had commented on my post. I agree that listening within to our body and our sense of oneness is a powerful way to listen to Spirit. I hope you find the other ways of communicating with Spirit helpful.

  6. Thank you Jeannette for this wonderful posting. The list you created here is a wonderful reminder for all, that these happenings are not “just happenings” but messages from the Divine. AND I so appreciate your ending bold message, “No one is ever truly alone!” So important to remember. This week my daughter was 3 hours away from her home and in the city where a dear past friend of hers lived. The Divine arranged for their meeting in a local shop. Both gals were in awe!! The Divine knew they needed to see each other once more. Thank you for this wonderful posting.

    • Yes, we all have what I call a spiritual support team. Wow, what a wonderful story about your daughter and her friend! I love these occurrences too. Clearly this was meant to be a Divine orchestration. Thank you for sharing Sharon.

  7. When I was first thinking about leaving my first marriage, I listened to an AM talk radio show where a woman called in wanting advice about what to do about her boss. When she described her boss, she could have been describing my husband. The host of the show advised the woman to leave her job as soon as possible, even if that meant that she left before she had a new job lined up as staying in the job was doing damage to her self-esteem. It was exactly what I needed to hear to wake up to how bad my marriage really was quite awful and leaving it was the right thing to do,

    • Isn’t it amazing how this can happen just when we needed to hear the message meant for both someone else and us too? I’m glad you had the wake up call you needed to do what was right for you.

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