As an Intuitive and Medium, I use my intuitive abilities to deliver messages from Spirit. 


I work directly with Spirit in my Readings, Coaching & Teaching to bring through higher guidance for my clients.


Spirit will address areas in your life such as your Life Path, Soul’s Purpose, gifts, career, healing, & relationships, AND Spirit provides guidance about how to bring about desired change in your life. 


In my Intuitive Soul Coaching, I support lightworkers, healers and sensitives in healing their limiting beliefs so that they can hear the voice of their spirit within and live the callings of their heart & soul.


As you establish a stronger connection with your Spiritual self, you more clearly hear your higher guidance and more firmly believe in yourself and your gifts.



Intuitive Life Path Readings

  • Do you have questions about your career, relationships, or other important life decisions?


  • Do you feel a pull to follow a path that you are seeking guidance around?


  • An Intuitive Life Path Reading brings insight in times of transition, challenge or soul-searching. Often during these times we may feel uncertain about our life path or purpose.


  • I communicate with my spiritual guides about your spiritual purpose, gifts, and next steps. The guidance may come in the form of spiritual understanding as well as practical information about what may help you move forward.



An Intuitive Reading brings greater clarity and a deeper understanding to the questions you have about your purpose and life path.


Connect to your Soul and Spiritual Guidance with Intuitive Soul Coaching

  • Increase your confidence and appreciate the value of your life challenges and soul’s gifts.
  • Allow yourself and your gifts to be seen and shared with others.

Believe in Yourself and Share Your Gifts

  • Gain insight into your soul’s calling, your talents, and how to bring your soul’s guidance into your daily life.
  • Develop your intuitive abilities, your soul connection, and your trust in the spiritual support that guides your life and your purpose.
  • Build your spiritual connection to transform limiting beliefs  and to increase your clarity and confidence in yourself and your gifts.