As an Intuitive and Medium, I use my psychic and intuitive abilities to deliver messages from your spirit guides and departed loved ones.  Often Spirit will address areas in your life such as your life path, purpose, gifts, healing, relationships, and career. 

My primary mission in my readings and coaching is to help you know that you are divinely guided, loved and supported as well as to empower you in your life.

It is important to me that I have a high level of integrity and caring in my work with you. I pray prior to each reading that Spirit assists me in giving the most helpful, accurate, healing, and relevant information for you.

Intuitive Readings about Your Life and Soul’s Path

  • Do you wish to connect with your guides and angels?
  • Do you have questions about your career, relationships, or other important life decisions?

Readings to Connect to your Loved Ones in Spirit

  • Do you long to connect with your loved ones in Spirit?  Learn more…



An Intuitive Reading brings clarity and validation to the answers you are seeking. Experience the amazing ability of Spirit to know your deepest desires and pressing concerns and provide loving insight.


Connect to your Soul and Divine Guidance

  • Increase your confidence and appreciate the value of your services.
  • Allow yourself and your gifts to be seen and shared with others.

Believe in Yourself and Share Your Gifts

  • Gain insight into your message, your talents, your next steps, and what’s holding you back.
  • Develop your intuitive abilities, your soul connection, and your trust in the spiritual support that guides your life and your career.
  • Build your spiritual connection to transform limiting soul patterns and to increase your clarity and confidence in your value, direction, and your gifts and talents.